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Launch date: 04 Feb 2016
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As the name of this ad network suggests, REXPUSH is a push subscriptions advertising network which pays you for sending push notifications to your subscribers.

Actually this ad network uses two models to pay its publishers:

  • CPL model, that is, Cost Per Lead/Subscriber. In this payment model this ad network pays you a one time payment for each new subscriber that subscribes for your push notifications.
  • Revenue Share model where you get paid every time your subscribers click the push notifications link. So, it’s up to you to earn the way you want. However, every new publisher is allowed to use their revenue share model only before becoming eligible for CPL model.

To use their CPL model you need to get some subscribers first. Once you get some subscribers then you become eligible for using their CPL model.


  • Payment Frequency: Within 24-48 hours of payment request
  • Payment Methods:
  • 5% referral commission program


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