November 23, 2016
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The only affiliate program that has constant problems with payments. In the period from 15 to 20 of each month payments are not made due to "problems with the account and the purchase of wm". At the moment the next problem is with payments, which lasts a week. And no one is going to report delays and problems until you ask. They do pay you something, but the situation does not get better. Those who value their reputation will not allow such permanent problems to their partners. Other affiliate programs, for example, have no problems with paying in the beginning or in the middle of the week, including to the webmoney, and here they can not handle the second request for payment. Whether you should work with them or not - is your own decision, but other similar affiliate programs have more offers and less problems with payments.

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Hello! Please tell us your login to our affiliate program. We will check your words and give an explanation of the reasons, if this is the case. We make payments almost daily, with rare exceptions.
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