July 12, 2017
  • Support 1
  • Technology 6
  • Quality of offers 6
  • Reliability 1

Earlier the affiliate program was more or less normal.

Today it has become really low.

1) They delay payments for half a month (may not pay at all (for example you will send all traffic for a month to this affiliate program and you may not get anything.

2) Skype - ICQ - tickets do not respond for weeks (may even ignore).

3) Phone numbers in contacts (unknown).

Conclusion: Very unreliable and I do not advise you to start working with it (if you want to lose money and time) you can try it.

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AlexNet, hello!

I would like to know more about your situation. We are always open for communication and we can discuss your question even in public, because, from the above, there is not a single truthful word. For personal communication you can contact us on Skype volkov9610

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