July 19, 2022
  • Support 2
  • Technology 3
  • Quality of offers 4
  • Reliability 1

byoffers are worst they owe me 200 dollars first they fool me for 2 month then they say that you'll get payment then they say that advertiser says your traffic is poor but they didn't show anything which can confirm that this things actualy advertiser says. Every affiliate knows that if a lead is approved that's mean advertiser already paid for those leads and my all leads are approved I will send screenshot in my next reviews. Dimitar the manager in they're network pretend to be a good manager but he lost my respect never knew how a person pretend so good to be good. I hope they're ceo or founder get concern about they're network because everyone know about anti money laundering law I promise I will take every appropriate action. Because if I today let them get away with this they will scam other affiliate also. If I didn't get my hard working money I will write more reviews in other sites and foroum's

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