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Launch year: 2013
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Adbees is an affiliate network of direct advertiser Zdorov.

  • Accepts any traffic, including facebook, insta, tik-tok;
  • Own CCs, high rates of approve, fast processing;
  • Own production of products, that is why they make the rates fiirst-hand;
  • Withdrawal of funds to the day without commission;
  • First-hand rates (pay more for volume and better leads).
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August 30, 2021
  • Support 10
  • Technology 8
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

Hi everyone. We have known adbees affiliate program for a long time (before the rebranding, when they were called Zdorov, and their site was In fact, it was our first affiliate program, where we tried to drive traffic on nutra offers. At that time (early 2019, if I'm not mistaken =)) we were engaged in white goods, and in general we did not even know what affiliate marketing is. An acquaintance wrote, look, you can install Facebook on your iPhone, link your card, install the Facebook ad app and run a simple picture with a sore joint on traffic. Which we tried to do, and well, here we go. Since then we have been working with Fb, our hair is very shaggy, and running it for traffic = the budget goes down the drain.

Anyway, point by point.

1) Reliability. The most important thing in working with affiliate program, is the financial component. We never had any problems with payments, never complained about the redemption, everything was always excellent. Well, we in turn drive traffic only on the target audience of 30-40 +.

2) Quality Offers. Well, I think everyone has seen their offers, the cream from joint pain ZDOROV, Artreid, Artrofast, Cream Health from prostatitis, etc.. Moreover, some of them have been around for a very long time. And you can find a lot of good reviews on their products. As far as I know, they are direct advertisers and very closely develop their products. Frankly, I am amazed at how these offers without rebranding, it still converts)

3) Support. To be honest, I don't remember having any problems with a personal manager. As we grew, more and more experienced managers interacted with us, with whom we built a trusting relationship, and got our first news, so to speak, just off the stove. In the current realities of working with FB, we often have a conversation about the drain problem, sometimes they offer some solutions, as they themselves also drain traffic. It was even so that advised push network / funnel, which cast themselves in the plus, explained how to configure campaigns, etc.. Since we didn't work with the pushes at all.

4) Technology. I can't in any way adequately assess this point. In terms of setting up api/threads and other aspects of integration, we never had any problems. If we needed help they explained everything very clear.

P.S. What I would like. So it is more new offers, with a different name and external components. As for the old offers, sometimes it is hard to find a good prelends. And given the approve which steadily squeezes their CC, it would be nice to drive traffic on the new fresh offers with stable approve and a better ratio)

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28 May 2024
Quality of offers

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