May 03, 2019
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I've been in affiliate marketing for 9 years now, I'm not a newbie, I've been working with proven affiliate programs for many years and I've already established good affiliate relationships with them. I've decided to expand my pool of affiliate programs and came across Money4Leads. Switched the streams, I got leads and started scaling up. Talked to the support, everything was OK.

When I've gained a decent amount on my balance, about 100 thousand rubles, I finally stopped the traffic and waited for the end of my hold period. After a while, the manager told me that the traffic was really fucked up and I wasn't going to get any money...

Mmm... Wait a minute, this is the same traffic I'm sending right now to other affiliate programs, they pay regularly without any complaints about its quality and they do that for many years already.

It was clear right away - yesterday's schoolchildren hastily made their affiliate program, they really do not know how to work in the e-commerce market, apparently they got lost in 2014-2016 years and were unable to work for a profit in today's environment and that would somehow compensate for their unprofessional skills - they cheat their affiliates and steal their money. Do not be fooled by their beautiful pictures, it's all they know how to do to attract webmasters who will be cheated at the end.

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ddd Answer
Please tell me what verified affiliate you use?
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