July 26, 2022
  • Profitability 2
  • Support 3
  • Quality of advertisers 6
  • Reliability 2
  • Stability 0

First-class scam.

My experience with them was very unsuccessful. At first I sent them a few visits to test them and withdrew $30 again, I also sent a few to make sure of their confidence. And I withdrew $50. Then I was reassured and sent them a lot of visits, and my account got $500, so I was surprised by a message telling me that my account had been locked. And they won't pay me. I tried a lot with them to no avail, their argument that the visits are of low quality. What they say is incorrect. My visits are good.

I asked them to provide evidence for their words, but they said their team was not wrong. Haha, and is your team a god so that we can believe him without any evidence he presents? Knowing my brothers. The same visits I sent to them. I work with it with Adsense and I do not face any problems with Adsense.

Do you dare compare yourselves to Adsense??

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