November 08, 2021
  • Stability 5
  • Quality of advertisers 5
  • Profitability 5
  • Support 5

Used revcontent a few months ago and they kept turning off my ads until I got sick of it! They were always picking on my images, even though I changed them twice and they looked quite correct. Also, with revcontent you have to spend good money before you see results because the campaign is constantly being adjusted. I admit that I don't know much about the affiliate program, but I know that most affiliate networks are pretty fraudulent (they steal a lot of money from you in the initial stages under the excuse that their system needs to adjust your campaign for better results). However, as the saying goes, if I had money to throw out the window, I would definitely give revconent another try because I feel (yes, just a feeling) that it has potential. However, the budget is exhausted (I'd say it needs $500-600 at least to spend before I can see results).

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