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How to Earn $2 000 and More per Week Promoting Personal Finance Course with TikTok

In this article, we are showing you the strategy Twinky Hustle used to grow their revenue from $0 to $15 000 in two months, earning an average of $2 000 per week with one hundred percent free traffic. 

Twinky Hustle, US-based internet entrepreneurs who teach their audience affiliate marketing side whistles, and entrepreneurship. 


Above is the screenshot of their weekly payment for 2 months which gives a total sum of approximately $15 000. The average revenue per week is between $2 000 to $3 000. 

3 Things you Need to Do or Have to Earn Average of $2 000 per Week

  • A Good High-Ticket Front End Affiliate Offer. You can achieve this by working with an affiliate network that offers such high affiliate ticket offers.  
  • A Backend Offer (Compliments to the Front End Offer).
  • Provide Value to Your Audience with Good Quality Content. This is very important to always provide values and good quality content, and it is the key to creating a successful affiliate marketing business with one hundred percent free traffic. There are many ways to provide value to your audience, but make sure your strategy involves using free traffic. 

Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

This funnel described the journey their potential customers always take on their way to purchase online via their affiliate page. There are quite some options one can use, but they recommend using building it with an online Funnel Builder. 

  1. Create a Free Traffic Source. Social media marketing is the most important source of free traffic for affiliate marketers. Create an account on one or more popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. TikTok was used by Twinkle Huslte for their campaign. It was a brand-new account that they established, and they started posting relevant and interesting content. Visitors respond by clicking the bio of their TikTok account, which is embedded with a link to their landing page, which is their opt-in page. The best way to go about it is to create a 60-second video on TikTok to engage visitors in your topic of discussion.
  2. Opt-In Page and Email List. This is the first stage of the sales funnel. The system does this for you, so you don't have to do it manually; all you have to do is drive traffic to the front-end offer, which TikTok did for them. The opt-in page will include some information about the affiliate offer. This is also the stage at which they collected visitor emails for email marketing. In the system, you should configure an autoresponder. They released the information their visitors were looking for after they provided their emails. 
  3. Bridge Page. This page contains additional information about the affiliate products you are promoting. The page closes the deal and directs traffic to the affiliate product concept. Visitors learn more about you and your product, which may be able to solve a problem in their life. The concept is to promote products that solve specific problems, and this is the last page your customers will see before being directed to your affiliate sales page. As a result, you should include your affiliate link from the affiliate network with which you have signed up.
  4. Affiliate Product Page. Your job as an affiliate marketing manager is done when visitors get to this page, the affiliate program has optimized the page so that the bouncing rate will be very low, and the conversion rate should be high. The product you choose must solve problems for it to convert very high. So, affiliate marketers need to make a very good choice of product to promote. 

According to Twinkle Hustle,

"The product we promoted is a very high converting affiliate product which is one of the reasons we have $15 000 in 60 days. So, you do not want to start wasting time sending traffic to an offer that does not convert, so you should choose a very product so that your sales can go up". 

This page leads your visitors to the payment system on your affiliate product, and you earn a commission here. P

  1. Affiliate Up Sell Page. This is where you make more money selling products complimentary to your affiliate product. It is a back-end product and it is very good for making more revenue. 
  2. Email Sequence. Setting up this email sequence is critical because it can mean the difference between making a few sales and making thousands of sales with your affiliate product. When they get to the sales page, not everyone buys right away. Some people need to think about it and may require additional information before making a purchase decision. With this email sequence, you ensure that your potential customers do not forget about your product. The purpose of the email sequence is to keep reminding them about your product, and the great thing about the system is that it will automatically send the emails at the scheduled time, so you don't have to worry about the process being done manually.

In addition, some of the emails you send will introduce or remind your visitors of your backend offer. Because you have two products in the system, back-end offers complement front-end offers, and you can make more money. Because this method allows you to set up multiple products rather than just one, you have the potential to earn more money.

Twinky Hustle TikTok Account

Making $14 600 per Month in Passive Income With Print-On-Demand: "I Work Just One Hour a Day on My Online Business"
  • Account Name — twinkyhustle
  • Total Followers — 212 500 
  • Total Following — 23 
  • Total Likes — 808 700 

According to Twinky Hustle,

"I know many people will start thinking that this is all only working because you have over 200 000 followers. But when we started, we had nothing, and we didn't have a social media following. We didn't know anything about how to use TikTok because we had no social media presence at all. We started this account two months ago, and what we did to make work is to post consistently every single day. We made our content to give out values, and since we were posting consistently, we were able to build this account pretty quickly."

Building a TikTok account does not take any special skill or expertise to do, but all it takes is posting consistently valuable content. Find out what your audience is looking for and how you can help them solve that problem. 

Twinky Hustle created videos that are eye-catching, trendy, and give a strong call to action. 

Call to Action 

After visitors click their bio link on their TikTok page, they are directed to the Opt-in page above. They wrote a little bit about the product but did not give out everything. The probability that more visitors will be more interested to know more about the product (which is learning how to start a profitable business without knowing where to start) if you do not give out everything away here is very high. 

Building an Email List

They will get this pop - up and it will prompt them to enter their names and emails. So, they get access to the next page (the bridge page)  after entering their information in the two fields in the pop-up. 

This is the stage you give the visitors the information about the next page which is the sales page. This is a very important part of the sales Funnel because you introduce the affiliate products to the visitors in a way they want to buy them. 

There is an overview of the affiliate product on the bridge page. 

They have a brief introduction of their affiliate product with some highlights and some testimonials about it. 

Twinky Hustle Affiliate Product: 15-Day Challenge With Dave Sharp

How to Hack Google Ads and Good Content to Earn $60 960 per Month

Twinky Hustle stated:

"This product, 15-Day Challenge With Dave Sharp is very hot right now, and it converts very well. The 15-Day Challenge is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that teaches people how to launch an affiliate marketing business online. We took the training ourselves, and it is an excellent program for teaching people how to make money online. It solves the problem of assisting people in determining where to begin because most people have no idea."

The 15-Day Challenge walks people through a simple 15-day process that teaches them exactly how to build a profitable high-ticket affiliate marketing business online. Twenty Hustle made a video in which they discuss how the product has changed their lives and how it can change the lives of their audience. A good strategy is to draw a lesson from your life so that people can feel connected to you. This is how they will develop trust in you, and click the button to watch the video on the page. 

Their Sales Page

After watching the video, they will be taken to the sales page below.

According to Twinky Hustle, your job as an affiliate marketer is done here because the page is a professional optimized page designed to convert a reasonable number of visitors. As an affiliate marketer, you are not responsible for customer service or other internal product management. You only need to drive traffic to the page.


The legendary 15-Day Challenge offers a series of more products that can be used for Upsell, and this is where the high ticket sales come in. The challenge only costs $7 and you might start wondering how you are going to generate thousands of dollars from a $7 product. They have a sequence of upsells that they offer to your visitors, and these offers range from $700 to $2 500. Affiliate marketers are paid a 40% commission on any product that your visitors purchase. 

  • Front End — 15-Day Challenge is $7.
  • Back End — extremely high ticket products from $700 to $2 500.


According to Twinky Hustle, 

"When you are getting paid a thousand dollars for each high ticket ($2 500 product), you only need to make a few sales each month to make very good money." 

For example, 10 sales with Legendary Marketers high ticket products are $10 000. 

Summary of Income

  • Front End Product — $2.8 ( 40% of $7 )
  • Back End Product — $1 000 ( 40% of $2 500 ) 
  • Total — $1 002.8 
  • 16  conversions in 2 months — $16 048.00 ( 8 sales per month)l )
  • Expenses — $0 
  • Income — $16 044. 80
  • Duration of Period — 8 weeks
  • The income per Week — $2 005.60

If you can convert high like this, you will earn very high.


With very high ticket products, you can only generate $16 000 in two months ($2 000 per week); however, pushing such high tickets to potential customers as the Front End product is a bad strategy. Legendary 15-Day Challenge is an example of an affiliate offer with a low front-end product price of $7, but a high back-end product price of $2 500. The $7 Front product is excellent, and it always entices buyers to pay for the $2 500 product. This is an excellent strategy. Encourage customers to join the challenge at a low cost, then introduce the high ticket offer as an upsell.

Also, it is very paramount to create an email list of the visitors on our site, so we can remind them about our products.

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