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Earning a $600 Profit By Running Push Notifications Campaigns in India

If you are a beginner and you ask any expert affiliate marketer about promoting simple affiliate offers in tier — 2 and 3 countries, he or she will tell you that the best way is by using push notifications. To prove this, we are sharing with you a case study from a newbie affiliate marketer who used push notifications to promote a simple CPA affiliate offer in India and ended up earning a profit of $609 in 3 weeks.

The affiliate shares his story and we believe that you can learn a thing or two about running push notifications campaigns in tier 2 and 3 GEOs to make solid positive ROI campaigns.

Note: This campaign shared has an ROI of 27.33% but it could have gone higher if further optimizations were conducted.

The Affiliate’s Backstory

I started affiliate marketing around 3 months ago. Initially, I attempted to promote affiliate offers on Facebook, but I lacked the skills and energy to deal with restrictions and run the ads while still spending money on other services like spy tools, trackers, hosting, etc. As a result, I decided to look for another source of traffic, and I am now working with push notifications. This was my very first media buying experience with push notifications.  The figures are considerably better now, but I'm sharing my early success for now and this is just the beginning.

Campaign period: 06/22/2022 — 07/14/2022
Affiliate Network: CPA.House
Traffic source: Push notifications from Push.House
Landing page: Landing page 1
GEO: India
Conversion payment: $6
CPC: $0.0015
ROI: 27.33%
Ad spend: $2 229
Revenue: $2 838
Profit: $609

Traffic Source

Before I chose to run affiliate campaigns with push notifications, I read through tons of information in the media for several days. Quite a lot of useful content was found by Push.House, so I decided to run the campaign on their ad network. In addition, in the reviews, I did not find any negative comments about the quality of traffic or other points, especially in comparison with competitors.

Affiliate Network

Choosing the affiliate network was even easier. In the process of reading articles from Push.House, I found out that they have their own affiliate network — CPA.House. I decided to sign up and compare their offers with other affiliate networks and after careful review, I decided to promote the offers on the CPA.House affiliate network.

This was because they have a huge pool of offers and their ecosystem has been created from an advertising network and an affiliate network, which means that managers from both sides will better understand what is happening and will be able to help better. Especially for a newbie like me.

Offer Search

Since the affiliate network is connected with the traffic source, my first thought was that affiliate managers would be able to understand and inform me about the CPA.House offers that are the best match for Push.House traffic. That was my assumption and it eventually became true.

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I asked the affiliate manager for recommendations on offers and I was given several options to choose from. I settled on Urotex Forte for India:

The offer had a conversion rate of 40% and a payment rate starting from $6. The manager said that the call center in charge of this offer knows how to maximize the lead’s buying potential, and this was reflected in the high conversion rate. Here, according to the statistics, it is clearly seen that the call centre works well.

In terms of offer niches, I wanted to start with a standard niche and the Urotex Forte looked very promising. Also, the manager was willing to help with creative approaches. I chose India because it is a very underestimated GEO. People there have more money than everyone thinks, and the population is actively buying.

Landing Pages and Creatives

The offer has many types of landings:

I chose landing page H based on my personal preference and landing page I based on the manager's recommendation. With landing page H, I tried to make a creative that resembles it’s design:

I made a high bet on this look-alike landing page and creative in my head, however, it brought a very small ROI, though it was a positive one.

Landing page I showed the product much better:

The following are the ad creatives that I chose to test with landing page I:

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A combination of Landing page I and the first creative on the list gave the best ROI, which was over 50%.


As a result, I launched 4 campaigns, all of which went into profit. Where the ROI was low, the hand reached out to turn it off, but I left it all the way, yet the profit dripped.

With $2 229 spent, the campaign generated total revenue of  $2 838. That left it producing $609 of net profit with a 27.3% ROI.

Statistics from the Push.House advertising network:

Statistics from CPA.House:


As a beginner, competent practical advice was important to the affiliate. He admits that he has been making his main campaign decisions based on the advice he’s been getting from Push.House and CPA.House managers. The result was a pleasing profit.

Now the affiliate aims to keep pushing further with affiliates campaigns targeting India using push traffic from Push.House. He is running several offers at once while also maintaining the first one. He says that he just changes the creatives after a few days and tests a lot of offers and his aim is to keep those with a natural ROI of 50% and above, and then he will work on optimizing further and scaling to make bigger profits.

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