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Earning $7 460 Net Profit Per Month on a Gambling Offer in Bangladesh with Facebook Ads — ROI 128.6%

Promoting gambling with Facebook ads is a bit difficult these days. The most popular GEOs are saturated, and they all have super-expensive CPAs. One member of the Partnerkin affiliate community shared with us a case study on how he maneuvered through this problem by deciding to test and promote gambling offers in less popular countries - and guess what; He struck gold in Bangladesh!

The affiliate shared with us his case study, in which he made $7 460 in profit at a 128.6% ROI in just one month of running the campaign. He shares his exact offer, traffic source, ad creatives, landing and all the numbers behind the campaign.

Campaign Summary

Period: 1/08/2022 - 31/08/2022
Affiliate: Parimatch Affiliates
Traffic Source: Facebook
Offer: Parimatch
GEO: Bangladesh
Expenditure: $5 800
Revenue: $13 260
Profit: $7 460
ROI: 128.6%

Offer and Affiliate Program

The affiliate had been working with Parimatch for a long time through their affiliate program, known as Parimatch Affiliates. He says the reasons why he has been working with this affiliate program are that; the offer has a good payout, a huge number of GEOs to choose from, and with this offer, you’re working directly with the advertiser, which means you get the best rates, minimal payment thresholds, and all the necessary creatives, landing pages, and conversion insights.

The affiliate told his affiliate manager that he was interested in working with new GEOs, and he was given access to several GEOs, including Bangladesh, which this case study is about.

Campaign Targeting

The affiliate says that when he works with Tier 3 GEOs in the gambling niche, he prefers to send the traffic to the mobile apps of the gambling service provider instead of the websites. So with Bangladesh, he chose to promote the Parimatch app.

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Before he started setting up ads, the affiliate knew that he would face a problem with Facebook ad account bans. So he hired freelance Facebook account farmers who created many accounts for him on a large scale. He then created multiple Facebook pages under those accounts and ran ads on them.

He experimented a lot with targeting and at the end, he came settled with this targeting:

  • Country: Bangladesh
  • Regions: Rangpur, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Dhaka
  • Age: 18 - 40 years
  • Sex: Male and Female
  • Android OS devices above version 7. In some cases, they were limited by brands: Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, Oppo
  • Automatic placements
  • No interest targeting

Creatives and Landing Pages

It took the affiliate a lot of testing to discover the best creatives that would perform best in Bangladesh. I was a new GEO, and he did not have a clear approach when it came to creative angles. He tried some options that had worked well in his older campaigns targeting India, but for some reason, they didn’t work. The ROI would have been much higher, but the creative tests used up a chunk of his ad budget.

In the end, he discovered that the angle of being rich and successful worked best. Oddly enough, image ads performed much better than video ads. But only one in every 10 ad images brought a positive ROI. Therefore, the affiliate kept testing new images from that angle and hand-picking the ones that performed well and launched separate campaigns with those creatives.

Here are some examples of successful creatives:

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For the landing pages, the affiliate tested the default landing pages offered by Parimatch and the best one was the one with a casino wheel. This was not surprising to him because in the gambling vertical, casino wheel landing pages always show top results.

Statistics and Results

During that month, the affiliate got 22 054 app installs with 7 045 signups and received 442 deposits of $30 each. He made a revenue of $13 260 and a profit of $7 460.

The total expenses were $5 800. This amount not only includes traffic costs, but also accounts, servers, domains, link-cloaking, and the salaries of the account farmers.

Comments from the Affiliate

"I definitely liked working with Bangladesh, not only with gambling but also with betting. The country is a neighbor of India and the local population is very fond of cricket. There are lots of cricket events and the ROIs are very good.

Now both gambling and betting are going well. My team continues to work with this GEO as one of the main ones."


Working with cheap and not-so-common GEOs is very profitable when popular GEOs are saturated and overpriced. In Bangladesh, the affiliate managed to get cheap installs and conversions on Parimatch, which allowed him to get a decent profit.

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