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"Making $1 000 A Month Is Easy!" — an OnlyFans Model Talks about Earnings, Traffic, and Getting Subscribers

Today, we're going to explore the world of making money on the popular online platform, OnlyFans. Yulia Poddubnaya, an OnlyFans model, appeared on the "AffHub" YouTube channel and shared her personal story of how she got started on OnlyFans, what kind of income one can expect, and what it takes to succeed in this business.

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History of Coming to OnlyFans

As the guest herself recalls, she wanted to become a model since her youth. After several attempts to get into a modeling agency's shoots in 2016, she was invited to audition for the famous Italian photographer Alessandro Magno, where she first tried herself as a nude model, earning $80 for the job.

After the first photoshoot, other photographers started reaching out to Yulia, offering to shoot in the same genre. This continued for about three years until one of her acquaintances suggested making money on the then-popular OnlyFans platform.

As a starting point, they decided to use Yulia's Twitter, posting her erotic photos there in the hope that transitions from there to OnlyFans would convert into subscribers. The plan was a complete fiasco because there was no one was willing to pay for 18+ photos that were already publicly accessible. Additionally, Yulia's first partner in the OnlyFans business did almost nothing to promote the account, and after two months of inactivity, they parted ways.

After some time, the heroine of our transcript found an affiliate marketer who was professionally engaged in OnlyFans, and that's when things started to change. As Yulia recalls, during the few months she worked with him, the revenue amounted to $400 - $1 000 monthly. They parted ways because the monthly earnings from OnlyFans stalled, and she had to look for someone who could provide more. That's when she started working with an agency.

Pros and Cons of Working with an Agency

To relieve the model of daily routine tasks and maximize profit, there are agencies in this market that take on a certain percentage of responsibilities.

According to Yulia, there are pros to collaborating with an agency, namely:

  • The model allocates a minimum of her own money for advertising;
  • The agency team always advises the model on what to do to improve the account's performance;
  • The agency will create a content plan for the girl;
  • Chat managers will communicate with the model's fans on her behalf.

Yulia considers the cons of working with agencies to be that the agency takes control of the pages, and you do not sign any paper contract with anyone. But, as the girl says, the OnlyFans account is always linked to the model's email, so regaining access to it is not difficult. The second drawback may be related to the amount of work on her TikTok or Instagram when the model is required to constantly post content on these social networks to attract more subscribers.

What Kind of Roles Are Involved in the Agency?

Since the conversation turned to the agency, Yevgeny could not help but ask about the composition of the team with whom the model shares her monthly earnings. The first people that Yulia mentioned were chatters — individuals who take on the most significant part of the routine tasks, namely communicating with the model's fans.

There are also content managers responsible for creating a content plan and a financier responsible for distributing profits. In addition to them, there are one or more affiliate marketers who direct traffic to the page. At the very top, traditionally, is the team lead.

How Much Can You Earn on OnlyFans?

During the interview, Yevgeny, of course, could not help but ask the guest a question that worries many girls who dream of becoming OnlyFans models. "How much did Yulia manage to earn on this platform?" As it turned out, the very first payout was $400, which also became the minimum, and the maximum she earned in a month was $3 500.

As for the average earnings from this platform, here's what Yulia says:

"I always earn $1 000 and more, somewhere around $2 000 — on average."

Of course, this amount is purely individual and only applies to her. The higher amount is the result of several sources:

  • Subscriptions;
  • Videos that can be sold to fans;
  • "Customs."

If the first point is clear, we will tell you a little about the second and third. During communication with a fan, the model can offer to sell him an "exclusive" (which is not always the case) video with her, and if he agrees, a certain amount is credited to her account.

There is also a so-called "custom," when a subscriber orders the model a certain exclusive video and pays separate money for it. If the request suits the girl, she can prepare the content and upload it to OnlyFans. By the way, this is the highest-paid category of content that a model's fan can order on the platform.

Separately, some well-off fans may ask the model for Telegram to communicate directly. According to Yulia, such a service is not cheap (about $1 000), but even in this case, the model will be in touch with the fan through a chat manager, not the girl herself.

How to Promote Your Page on OnlyFans

According to the featured guest, the only thing needed to promote a profile on OnlyFans right now is to find a good agency. The agency not only invests money in promoting the model but also advises on what and how to shoot for social networks to convert subscribers.

Of course, you can try to promote yourself, but then you'll have to bother with promotion. For example, do mutual PR with other more popular models, but there's no guarantee that they will want to share their fans with a newcomer.

Below, we will briefly talk about the traffic sources to the page today and how to work with them.


According to Yulia, TikTok brings good traffic, but to convert it to OnlyFans, you need to shoot videos with hidden sexual undertones. There, in TikTok, you can also conduct live broadcasts. The video's protagonist herself recalls that during her work with the agency, she was taught how to conduct live broadcasts with fans, how to communicate with them, what to wear, and how to entice them with gifts.

The traffic overflow from this source comes from the link in the profile.


Instagram also converts well, but only if it is popular, that is, has over 100 000 subscribers. As in the previous case, traffic goes through the link in the profile.


Another source of traffic to an OnlyFans account is the social network Reddit. Since the agency was engaged in promotion instead of Yulia, she only briefly mentioned promotion there. The essence is to post your photos in thematic groups that relate to the model in some way (blonde, brunette, lingerie) and add links to OnlyFans to the posts. If the post rises to the top, then at least a lot of transitions to your page are guaranteed.


Strangely enough, you can easily transfer traffic from an open page on OnlyFans to a closed one, where subscriptions need to be arranged. Yulia does just that.

How to Engage with the Audience on OnlyFans

Even if the models managed to independently attract regular traffic to their OnlyFans account and convert it into paying subscribers, it is not certain that they will be able to retain them. To keep a constant audience around the girl, it is necessary to maintain live real-time communication with her. In general, the dialogue with fans is a huge part of the work to "tie" them to the model, which is why we mentioned chatters above.

As it turns out, subscribers often write to the models, and to make the account perform as much as possible, these messages must be answered. Such employees handle this. According to Yulia, the chatters in her agency divide all the writers into two categories: "whales," who have paid for a subscription, and "freeloaders," who write only for communication but do not sponsor the model. If you don't need to spend much time on the latter, you have to constantly communicate with the former to keep them from slipping off the "hook."

A Model's Workday on OnlyFans

Here's how Yulia describes her workday on this online platform:

"I usually spend a little time on it. I wake up, smile, put on makeup, and that's it. I set up a tripod stand and took the first photo in a dress, then in lingerie. I took all this, made a video, and sent it to the content manager group."

If the content maker is satisfied with everything, that's the end of Yulia's workday as an OnlyFans model. However, there is still work on the content plan, but, as the girl herself admits, she needs a day or two to take all the necessary photos for the agency for the next month.

This all applies to experienced models who already have their own army of fans, but a novice OnlyFans model will have to work on creating content in the first six months. According to Yulia's experience, the content plan for the first six months will look like this:

  • 10 photos in lingerie;
  • 10 topless photos;
  • 10 fully naked photos;
  • Several videos.

Such sets need to be done 3-4 times a week or 12-16 times a month. In total, it turns out to be about 600 photos and videos per month.

What Can Get You Blocked on OnlyFans?

Strangely enough, it's the content. Namely, you can't post:

  • Content with models who are not registered on the online platform;
  • Murders, necrophilia, and dismemberment;
  • Photos and videos showing children's toys in the background.

What Is the Future of Earning on OnlyFans?

If just 5 years ago, this platform was just gaining momentum in the adult niche, today OnlyFans is only associated with eroticism. Here's what Yulia herself thinks about today's realities:

"Previously, there wasn't much competition. Now, there are just so many agencies and models. Besides, advertising itself is getting more expensive, and the audience is becoming much more spoiled than years before."

Moreover, artificial intelligence also contributes. With the emergence of AI solutions, the audience for the video's protagonist and other OnlyFans models began to decline. Potential fans, using artificial intelligence, can generate a cyber-girl who will do everything they want, but much cheaper than a live model.

On the other hand, if there is a quality integration of Chat GPT and OnlyFans, you can do away with the services of chatters and leave communication with fans to artificial intelligence.


Even though OnlyFans seems to have reached the peak of its popularity, a potential model still has time to get into this niche and make money. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that the most reliable solution for a quick launch on OnlyFans is either to transfer the audience from social networks or to start working with an agency immediately. In the latter case, reaching $1 000 per month will be quite quick.

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