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How to Leverage Quora to Boost Your Website Traffic by Over 100%

In this article, we are sharing a case study from Chintan Vyas, a growth hacker, and marketer who took advantage of Quora to rank his website highly on Google. This helped to boost his daily website traffic by over 100%.

In this case study, we are going to see how Chintan’s website, was able to rank among the top 10 sites in more than 15 keywords on Google search. The major tip is that all this happened with the help of one answer he wrote on Quora. His site now receives thousands of visitors per day organically, without paid ads or backlinks — all thanks to Quora.

Read through to understand each step he took to achieve this growth and understand how you can replicate his Quora marketing strategies to get organic growth for your website, blog, eCommerce store, YouTube channel, etc.

Getting Started with Quora

In April 2020, Chintan wrote a detailed article on his site’s blog on the topic “Best Laptops in Digital Marketing”. He simply wrote this article and forgot about it. He put a lot of focus on getting traffic as he got busy working on other duties.

One day, Chintan found a question on Quora that was about a similar topic as his blog post. And he decided to answer it. This was the question:

He wrote a detailed answer to this question in a similar style as he did on his blog.

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He started by talking about what specifications to look for before buying a laptop. Then, he later personalizes the answer with his own experience. Lastly, he places a link that goes to his blog.

His answer has about 1 500 views, but that has been enough to get him traffic.

The Results

What happened afterward was very interesting as Google included his Quora answer in the "People Also Ask" section.

A lot of opportunities unlock for you once Google displays your Quora answer in this section. To Chintan, the immediate results he got were:

  • more traffic to his blog;
  • the positive effect of SEO for this article;
  • keyword position boost in Google search.

Whenever people clicked on the PAA section, they were taken directly to his Quora answer and later to his blog because of the link he placed in his answer.

Later on, his article started ranking on many keywords, more than 15. Appearing on Google’s "Featured Snippet" section.

The article also started to show up in the "Featured Snippet Section", which got him a lot of traffic and a high CTR.

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His positions for some keywords improved a lot after he started getting traffic, both from Quora and organic clicks from Google.

His blog was started ranking in the top 10 under the following keywords in the screenshot below:

The growth in traffic was exponential starting from early May. Google started picking up slowly and by the end of June, things went crazy.

This article had only On-Page Optimization for SEO and only 1 backlink which was from the Quora answer.


Using Quora to leverage the growth of your websites is very powerful especially when you do it right. Once your Quora answer contains proper feedback to a particular question(s) that is asked on Google. Google will pick it up and list it in the "People Also Ask" section and the "Featured Snippet Section" which will expose your Quora answer to thousands of visitors who can go ahead and click the link to your site as we have seen in this case study.

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Once you have this bulk amount of traffic coming in daily, you can get to monetize it on your site through:

  • affiliate marketing;
  • selling digital and eCommerce products;
  • earning from ads placed on your site, and more.

This is all possible since you will be receiving thousands of visitors per day who you can easily monetize. This is the Power of Leveraging Quora. 

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