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Step-by-Step Method of Promoting 3 Affiliate Marketing Niches Simultaneously

In this article, we are showing you how to promote affiliate products on TikTok to earn commissions quickly without having to wait months. This process takes minutes to set up, and you do not have to show your face in the videos you post on TikTok to promote your business. This is one of David Dill's online money-making strategies.

We will go over three affiliate marketing niches that you should always consider promoting to make a good monthly income. 

David Dill is an online entrepreneur who teaches building a profitable affiliate marketing business. He specializes in promoting high-ticket super affiliate programs. Also, he has a YouTube channel where he reveals affiliate marketing secrets to his audience.

3 Different Affiliate Marketing Niches on TikTok You Can Earn 

You can promote multiple affiliate products on TikTok using these three strategies. Right from the start of your business, you should prioritize programs with high commissions. Even if you are a beginner, you should make every effort to obtain approval to promote these types of affiliate programs.

Summary of David Dill's success on TikTok

According to Dave,

"Affiliate marketers should drive free traffic through TikTok to their landing pages which s going to be like a link tree, and the people are going to be sent to the Affiliate  Product page. This is our we are going to make commission using TikTok to drive free traffic." 

David's Model

From the above screenshot, David predicted that we can make about $5 923.55 with this method based on his experience. Yes, it is possible, but this article is simply on the process and how to do it. If you do it very well, you can make such an amount of money. 

First Method: Promoting an Affiliate Product in the Spiritual and Manifestation Niche

David recommended using ClickBank which is one of the most common affiliate networks in the industry. Well, you can also use its competitors like JZoo, WarriorPlus, Digistore24, etc. 

Dave advised promoting more products in the spiritual niche and here is one product he has recommended: 

  • Product Name — Soulmate Sketch — TikTok Social Media Monster. 
  • Gravity Score — 268.01
  • Initial $/conversion — $ 19.16
  • Recurring $/rebill — $ 7.10

The gravity score is critical because it indicates how well the product has performed in the market thus far. Normally, products with a gravity greater than 100 are acceptable to promote, but this product has a gravity that is 2.68 times greater than the 100 benchmarks. As a result, the likelihood of it working well is very high.

With a recurring commission of $7.10, you are guaranteed of earning from all the visitors you sent to the affiliate link page.

Resources for this Method:

How To Build The Best Instagram Business Account For Your Online Business
  • Linktree — Use it to create your landing page. You can customize it to what you want your landing page looks like. Your Linktree web address is what you will post as your TikTok bio link; however, you must reach 1 000 followers make before you can do it. 
  • Bitly — Use it to shorten your affiliate link. Do not post your long affiliate link in your TikTok bio link spot. 

Research Top Influencers in Your Niche on TikTok

Here is an example of a very good account in the spirituality niche. 

  • Name of Account — quotes.manifestation 
  • Description — Manifest the thing you dream of, and find your soulmate. 
  • Followers — 81 300 
  • Likes — 1.3 million 
  • Affiliate Product Promoting — Soulmate Sketch. 
  • Landing Page — Linktree 

Because you know the product they are promoting, the Soulmate Sketch, you can be confident of success if you use their strategy to promote the same product. So, we're going to look at the videos on their TikTok account for inspiration and to make a better version of the videos.

Use Canva to Design Your Videos

You can be confident of success if you use their strategy to promote the same product they are promoting, the Soulmate Sketch because you are familiar with it. So, for inspiration and to make a better version of the videos, we'll look at the videos on their TikTok account.

According to David, 

"Make sure you add 1 to 3 times per day, and in every single video, go ahead and just promote the Soulmate Sketch that is going to be inside of your bio." 

If you have an Instagram account but have not yet reached the 1 000 TikTok followers mark, simply include a link to your Instagram account in your TikTok bio and inform your audience that the link is on your Instagram account. This is how you get close to 1 000 followers.

Second Method: Promoting High Ticket Affiliate Products in the Make Money Online Niche or Finance Niche

You can promote many programs in the make money online and finance niches, but you must promote the right one to make money. David also suggested promoting the "Legendary Marketer: 15 - Day Online Business Builder Challenge" an online educational system in the finance niche. Twinky Hustle promoted this product on TikTok, and we previously covered this case study. Click HERE for more information on this case study.

Some of the videos promoted on the page are about online jobs, remote worker tips, and even different types of remote jobs that their readers can apply for.

Twinky Hustle was able to accumulate a revenue of $ 15 000 in just 2 months with an average of $2 000 weekly, and they also used TikTok videos to promote their affiliate landing page. 

Becoming an affiliate promoter of the 15 — Day Challenge can start giving you a reasonable revenue, but there are many funnels to promote in the challenge, and you need to make a good choice that is very good for you.  In David's words, 

"My favorite is the business challenge light theme which is one of the most popular types of funnels you can promote using TikTok traffic". 

So, find top-rated videos in the finance niche, and use them up promote a top-rated affiliate program.

Third Method — Promoting Software Products on TikTok in the Computer and Tech Nice

Many short tutorial videos on TikTok can be used for this method because these videos do very well with the algorithm. Here is an example of one: 

The Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions Every Online Entrepreneur Must Have
  • Name of TikTok Account: canvaturltorial 
  • Description: Canva Tips and Tutorials to make your life easy. 
  • Followers: 53 200 
  • Likes: 172 100

If you click on their bio link, it will take you to the page below: 

The page looks like Linktree with the following offers: 

  • Create 30 — Days of Instagram Posts in 10 minutes (Try Social Studio for free)
  • Try Canva Pro 14 — Days Free (Affiliate link embedded in the click button)
  • Shop my customizable Instagram reel templates

The website is not built with Linktree, but this is exactly what Linktree will provide you with without much difficulty. You can include all of your affiliate products on one page.

He earns $36 for each sign-up from his link when promoting Canva Pro. This is why he created so many Canva tips emphasizing activities or designs that the free account cannot complete. Many people who use the free Canva version upgrade to the pro version after watching his videos.

According to David, 

"All it takes to make a good income is converting a minimum of 3 visitors per day to earn $ 108 affiliate commissions." 

You should make a thorough research and find the best videos you can copy. Making TikTok tutorial videos on the software you are promoting is a very good way to optimize your conversion rate. 

For more in-depth training on how to build an affiliate marketing business on TikTok, David recommends you should check out "15 Second Free Leads" program. 

Promote These 3 Niches Simultaneously

To earn a lot of money, promote these three niches (spirituality and manifestation, software, and finance) at the same time. This means you'll need to set up a separate TikTok account for each niche. So you'll be promoting three TikTok accounts at the same time.

It is a serious job, but it is possible to complete it well without becoming stressed. After all, you only need to conduct thorough research and select videos that have previously been used. It is not difficult to achieve because you will not be creating the video concept yourself.

On May 2, video views above were 97 300  while views were almost twice that on the previous day. The more viral videos you can make, the more your views will start shooting very high daily. And the total video view for 7 days was 308 273. 

Also, above is another 7 days duration analytics where the total views equal 10 687. The highest view was on April 26 with 2 200 views. 


TikTok allows you to promote your affiliate links by making viral videos on your TikTok page. The main strategy entails selecting a good niche, searching for top videos in that niche, and then creating similar videos on our TikTok page.

It may be difficult to make money with TikTok if you are unable to create viral videos. As a result, your primary focus should be on locating and copying viral videos. Making TikTok videos with text over them is a great way to make your videos go viral, and you can easily use tools like Canva to make them. Canvas does not require you to be a top designer.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that promoting high-ticket affiliate products will help you easily reach your financial goals. So, it is important to dedicate enough time researching viral videos online to know which we can use. With this strategy, reaching 50 000 video views and more per day can easily be achieved. 

Finally, if the affiliate products you choose have a recurring commission, you will earn more because you will continue to earn every time the buyers purchase on the platform. Choosing a high-ticket affiliate program with a recurring commission that is promoted with viral TikTok videos is thus an efficient way to earn a lot of money.

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