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How AI Models Conquered Fanvue and How Much You Can Earn

AI tools are generating more realistic content, and while some worry about AI replacing them, others are leveraging the new possibilities and making money from it.

The same is happening with OnlyFans. There's a growing trend of AI models on similar platforms. With high competition among girls, competing with "perfect beauties" created by AI tools becomes even more challenging.

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AI models produce similar content, interact with subscribers, and earn just as much, sometimes even more. They don't demand payment for work and are willing to comply with any content and schedule requests.

Models generated by AI bear little difference from real girls. AI tools enable the creation of images so realistic that an ordinary person wouldn't suspect they're not real.

In this article, we'll explore how AI models are taking over the adult niche, how much money it brings, and the actual process of creating these models.

Earnings of AI Models on Fanvue and Reddit

OnlyFans alternatives attract users with an organic audience and multiple monetization tools. Models earn from subscriptions, individual posts, and user tips.

If AI models look like real girls, regularly publish content, and attract traffic from other social networks, their earnings are no different from regular OnlyFans models.

For instance, Emily Piligrini is a girl created by an AI tool.

In the last four months, she gained 137 000 followers on her Instagram, and she earned $10 000+ selling photos through Fanvue.

Famous billionaires, footballers, tennis players, and MMA fighters constantly message her, offering to meet in Dubai, oblivious to the fact that she doesn't exist in reality.

In another story, two students created an AI model named Claudia as a joke and registered her on Reddit.

They posted content with her, selling more explicit creations. They earned about $100 before Claudia was exposed as an AI tool creation.

Another known AI model is Aitana Lopez.

Everyone knows she's not real, but that doesn't stop her from amassing a large social media audience, participating in ads, and selling content on Fanvue, an OnlyFans equivalent.

"She earns an average of €3 000 per month, but there were times when Aitana's salary exceeded €10 000," says Ruben Cruz, founder of The Clueless agency.

These are examples of the most famous models generated by AI tools. How many more of these "girls" exist is unknown.

It's clear that you won't start earning tens of thousands of dollars with your AI model from the get-go. For comparison, real girls selling content on OnlyFans share their average earnings:

"The first payout was $400, the minimum, and the maximum per month was $3 500. Now it's always $1 000, sometimes around $2 000 on average," says Yulia Poddubnaya, an OnlyFans model.

"Everyone starts with a small income up to $100, but over time, earnings increase proportionally to the desire to work. An OnlyFans model can earn any amount, from thousands to millions," says Diana Sedova, an OnlyFans model.

"In the first month, I earned $2,000, and each subsequent income doubled because I invested a lot of money in attracting a new audience," says an anonymous OnlyFans model.

Earnings on OnlyFans depend on various factors, such as subscription and content prices, posting frequency, and the number of subscribers. You can influence these factors yourself, but it takes time and additional resources. Many models recommend initially building up their social media presence and then redirecting traffic to OnlyFans or similar platforms.

Here are some of the results which models on Fansly show:

When it comes to an AI model, proficiency in working with AI tools and creating quality content that raises no questions or suspicions is crucial.

In the initial stages of working with an AI model on OnlyFans-like platforms, it's advisable to set minimal prices for subscriptions and paid posts.

How AI Models Are Created

Alex Valaitis, an AI analyst, predicts that by 2025, over half of the popular OnlyFans accounts will be controlled by men generating AI-rendered images of nude women.

Initially, generating adult content through AI tools was nearly impossible. Crafty individuals resorted to using deepfakes, superimposing faces onto existing photos and videos from the internet. However, such material is considered non-unique, and most platforms, like OnlyFans, don't allow it.

AI Tools Create Copies of Real Models

Now, AI tools enable the creation of entirely unique or nearly unique content. Nearly unique means content generated based on specific references. OnlyFans girls often use this method, creating their digital copies. Several real photos can generate content that lasts for years.

For example, Gina Stewart, over 50, who previously modeled for Playboy and OnlyFans, decided to take a break and experiment. She created her online copy based on younger photos.

To train the AI model, she uploaded around 1000 pictures from different angles, with and without clothes. This resulted in 28-year-old digital Gina from California — AI Gina.

Another example is the AI model Sika Moon. The creator generates content based on her real photos, refining them in Photoshop or FaceApp. At the peak of her content creation, her income reached €40 000.

Another well-known OnlyFans model, Riley Wood, went further. She created multiple accounts on OnlyFans and Reddit, portraying girls of different races.

Riley Wood transformed her photos into several girls to cover various subreddit themes. However, the platform quickly detected something was amiss and blocked her accounts.

Services for Creating AI Models

There are specialized services that help create content for OnlyFans from scratch.

For instance, Midjourney V6 has reached a new level. It now generates people and model photos so convincingly that they become indistinguishable from real ones. Here are examples of what Midjourney can generate:

Interior selfie of a woman with [description], shot on a low camera quality phone.

However, the service has limitations, and creating explicit content is not possible.

While not all OnlyFans models require explicit content for earnings, some models only need a pretty face and bikini photos. Nevertheless, OnlyFans has established itself as a service for adult content. Let's explore services capable of generating such materials.

These generators come in two types:

  • Interfaces with menus, where you need to mark fields of interest, such as hair color, setting, clothing, and model parameters: Made.porn, PornPen, PornJourney, and Pornderful. Results of generation:

The most popular and refined ones are considered PornPen and Made.porn. They appeared around the same time.

Here's what PornPen.AI can do:

In Made.porn, the generated images look more realistic, detailed, and refined compared to PornPen.AI.

ChatGPT on OnlyFans

Users on OnlyFans are willing to pay models not only for explicit photos but also for communication. Models need to present not only their appearance but also interaction. ChatGPT comes to the rescue in this regard.

Not only AI models but also real models utilize ChatGPT. In terms of communication, the AI tool streamlines the process — it's mood-independent, responds 24/7, and provides pleasant answers. Moreover, the AI tool doesn't tire of answering the same questions a hundred times.

Here's an example of how text created by a human differs from ChatGPT's text:


ChatGPT elevates the industry to a new level. Users may not even suspect that the text for publication was written by a robot, and the stories in these posts are the AI tool's imagination, not that of a sultry beauty.

Case Study: Monetizing an AI Model

The author of the Telegram channel "Diary of Positivity" conducted an experiment, attempting to earn from creating their AI model.

Creating a Model and Traffic Generation

The author created a model by following guides on YouTube. Here is the result:

After creating several images, they started searching for ways to attract traffic. They chose three main sources:

  • Twitter

  • Instagram
  • TikTok (The account here was quickly banned, and they had to abandon it).

On Instagram, the author created a new account without bots. On the first day, they began following various pages and posting content. They used the HelloFace app for creating reels and stories.


The primary method of monetization was Fanvue, a platform similar to OnlyFans but more accepting of AI models.

People began subscribing and opting for paid subscriptions. The author engaged in mailings, collaborations, but when the withdrawal day arrived, the account was banned.

This happened because the author uploaded two deepfake videos, and the platform rigorously checks such materials. If you can't prove that you created the content and not a program, the account is blocked without the possibility of withdrawal.

The second monetization method the author used was Ko-fi, a service similar to "buy me a coffee." It didn't bring much success.

Many AI models have open statistics, showing who donates how much. One model received $100 in a day from this service. Therefore, it's essential to find a consistent supporter who will buy coffee five times a day.

Another monetization method is Patreon. The statistics looked like this:

People visit the page, give likes, but very little money came in.

"Money is definitely in this field, but the competition is enormous. If you look, hundreds of accounts are created on Instagram every day. So, if you use several traffic sources, you can definitely earn for sushi, but there's no free lunch here. I wrote purely about my experience as it happened to me; perhaps paid subscribers will come to you like a river — no try, no know. Good luck!" — the author of the case and the Telegram channel "Diary of Positivity."


AI tools expand arbitrage horizons, providing the opportunity to earn from adult content without involving real models. Generations become more realistic, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish AI products from real photos. The significant advantage is that it significantly simplifies working with platforms like OnlyFans.

AI models bring their creators several thousand dollars per month. To generate realistic photos and characters, special programs and services are used, eliminating the need for special skills. Now, it's just a matter of deciding which monetization tools to use and focusing on what content to create.

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