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10 FREE Advanced Tools For Affiliate Marketers And Media Buyers

In this article, we are sharing with you 11 free tools for affiliate marketers and media buyers, that have all been tested and proven by Alexandr Almeida. Alexandr is a media buyer that has managed over $10 000 000 in online paid media campaigns, and he also shares his ideas and tips on his blog

The tools listed below are completely free and can be essential in the daily management of advertising campaigns and media buying work.

1. Adveronix

Adveronix is a handy Google Sheets add-on that allows you to export data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other channel automatically into a spreadsheet daily. You can then connect this spreadsheet to Google Data Studio and have a free connector for most media channels.

2. Polymer Search

Polymer Search uses AI data algorithms to map your data and find connections within your dataset. Polymer Search is a beneficial tool for creative analysis. If you test new creatives on Facebook Ads using dynamic creative testing campaigns. You can simply export the Facebook Ads data as a spreadsheet, connect it to Polymer Search, and immediately see which creative elements are working the best and which ones aren’t. The Auto-Explainer tool uses AI to immediately sort "Above Average" and "Below Average" creatives. There’s also a ton more this tool can do — massive potential for media buyers.

3. BuiltWith

BuiltWith helps you look into competitors’ websites and see the software and scripts they are using. It’s also important when taking on a new client as a media buyer because it helps you check what tools they are using so that you can know what tools to add or remove for them.

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4. Ad Creative Bank

The Ad Creative Bank is one of the top sources to find creative inspiration for new ads. It’s has a well-organized library of ads that media buyers can replicate or take inspiration from.

5. Unicorn Ads

UnicornAds is also another great source of finding creative inspiration for new ads. The advantage of it is that it lets you filter the ads according to niches.

6. One-Click Extensions Manager

One-Click Extensions Manager allows you to organize all extensions on your chrome browser into one single icon near your search tab. This tool helps to make everything feel a little more organized.

7. LanderLib

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LanderLib is a free library of landing pages. It was built by Alexandr Almeida himself as a replica of the ad libraries mentioned above. Currently, it has over 100 landing pages and still adding more on a weekly basis.

8. CapCut

Owned by the Tik Tok founders, CapCut is a great mobile app that allows you to create user-generated content kind of ads on your phone easily and within a few minutes.

It’s super easy to use, and the great thing about it is that the stickers, fonts, etc., look really native to the platform — which goes a long way in UGC ads.

9. Meta Tag Extractor

If you’re running YouTube or Display ads, this tool can come in quite handy to find manual placements or keywords to add/exclude. Simply export your placement data into a spreadsheet and upload the URL list into the tool. The tool may then take a few minutes to load the titles and descriptions for all URLs, but once complete, you can then export the data and use a Vlookup to match the titles and descriptions to the original sheet.

Then, simply sort the filters to include results with 0 conversions, sort by spend from highest to lowest, and search the results to find negative keywords, placements, or anything else that stands out.

10. Sheets for Marketers

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Sheets for Marketers is a massive collection of great resources for marketers to help them improve their Google Sheets skills. It includes a fantastic directory of +100 Google Sheets templates for many different things. From PPC templates to competitor research or even SEO, this website has a lot of great stuff.

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