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Launch date: 07 Jul 2014
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MyCasinoPartners is an affiliate program of Vegas-Avtomati online casino.

The first three months, you as a new partner receive 50% of the income from the brought players. Then it all depends on the internal scale. The % scale is based on the number of deposits per month. In order for a depositor to be credited, he must register, make a payment and bet in this order for the first time. For large wembasters, individual conditions are possible.

Earnings scale:

  • more than 10 leads - 50%;
  • 6-10 leads - 40%;
  • 1-5 Leads - 30%;
  • 0 leds - 20%.


  • Accepted countries
    Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania
  • Type of payment
  • Tracking the source of leads
  • Statistics on deposited depts
  • Trafficback
  • Referral percentage
  • Minimum payout
  • RevShare
    20-50 %
  • Mobile version
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Affiliate program representative
July 15
  • Profitability 6
  • Support 8
  • Reliability 8
  • Promotional materials 8

It isn’t bad gambling affiliate, but I got bored quickly! Everything is very boring. There’s no choice of offers, no promos! They take only Russian-speaking traffic, while I have the opportunity to work with a wider GEO, which I cannot apply here. And, respectively, there are little payments, because there is not enough room to swing.


July 15
  • Profitability 3
  • Support 1
  • Reliability 2
  • Promotional materials 5

I can remember a lot about MyCasinoPartners. And these are mostly negative moments. I had to deal with shave, delayed payments and other "abuse" during my work with this affiliate program! In the last months of work, I never got paid. I was deceived and told that I had to wait a bit, but in the end they fooled me! The manager ignores me to this day!


August 13, 2020
  • Support 2
  • Promotional materials 1
  • Reliability 1
  • Profitability 4

In three years of working in this affiliate there was a lot of different things. This contains delays in payments, shaving players, and various deceptions on their part, when at the end of the reporting period they wrote off almost all the money I've earned under different excuses, but now I can say for sure that the partnership has become a rare dump and the second month they do not pay funds.

Manager of this affiliate ignores questions related to the payment or writes the standard excuses like "Oh, we have technical problems again and wait another month. I'm already more than sure that the situation will not solve the positive side.

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29 September 2022
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