60 Best Furniture Affiliate Programs and Networks [2024]

A lot of people spend thousands of dollars monthly or annually, trying to beautify their homes. This act is contagious since the furniture industry today is worth $770 B in revenue. Using your wildest imagination, you can imagine how much affiliates in this industry make as long as they play their cards right.  And thanks to the rapid growth of landlords, more and more furniture is sold to different customers every day, and there are more than enough for every affiliate.

Promoting furniture can earn you up to $200 in commission, and this figure is gotten from a single purchase only. So when you calculate how much commission you can gather by the end of the month if you can convert up to 10 to 20 referrals through your affiliate link, then you should know that there isn't any better niche to join than the furniture niche as of now.

What Are Furniture Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work

Furniture affiliate programs are programs that collaborate with furniture brands in distributing their products to interested people around the world. Affiliate marketing in the furniture niche works by promoting furniture and other wooden home decor to potential customers. As an affiliate, if you can sell these products to potential customers through your affiliate link, you will be paid a fee for the referral action you instigated. The fees might come in the form of flat rates, or percentages, as it is dependent on the kind of furniture affiliate program you are affiliated with.

Nonetheless, there's lots of money to be made in this niche and this article will help you with the key points on how to surf through the niche. As expected of every affiliate marketer, you must first become an affiliate in the furniture niche to be able to promote its products. Sometimes, affiliate applications get turned down, but if you are confident in your skills, you should consider choosing the best furniture affiliate program to make a pitch for.  After that, you can select the best marketable products within that program and promote them to potential customers.

If you do this well enough, the rest can be history because you'll have money coming in from every direction, even when you are asleep.

What Types of Products Can You Promote


The furniture niche has lots of diverse products within, just as you'll see in this section of the article. This section is to make you aware that as an affiliate in this niche, you will have access to more than enough furniture products to promote, and this can only mean one thing, which is more money. But only if you look at it from a marketer's perspective. Some best furniture products you'll have access to promote include:

  • Household Items. This furniture product covers all aspects of household items that you can think of. There are lots of people that are willing to spend any amount of money to get the best household items in the market. If you can target such kinds of people, then you will be dining in thousands of dollars with little effort. To top it all, think of how easy it will be to promote household items from popular brands.
  • Home Decorations. This furniture product covers all aspects of home decoration accessories that you can think of. This is different from household items in the sense that it contains all the fancy home things there are. Most people can go to extra lengths to make their homes stand out and that can equal more money for the affiliate presenting such accessories to them.
  • Home Renovation Tools. This furniture product contains home renovation tools, and guess what, there are packages in this product that can teach homeowners the basics of how to even carry on some wood activities by themselves. Another selling point to note here is that affiliates can equally enrich their customers with valuable knowledge on how to identify scams and fraud when dealing with home furniture.
  • Furniture For Bedroom. This furniture product contains bedroom furniture of all kinds that you can think of and you will even have the advantage of promoting other bedroom accessories with some of the affiliate programs in this niche. All you need to do is look in the right place and you will find one perfect for your marketing skills.

  • Furniture For Living Room. This furniture product covers living room furniture. Unlike some of the furniture affiliate programs you will come across that promote all-around home furniture, these are programs that are focused mainly on living room furniture like tables and couches, and they offer good commissions as well.
  • Kitchen Appliances. This furniture product covers all aspects of kitchen appliances you can think of. These are some of the furniture products that are in daily need. Chopping boards, knife shelves, etc. are things that will require maintenance within a few months or even weeks of use and so affiliates can earn good money from promoting these to potential customers.

Payment Models in Furniture Affiliate Programs

Unlike other niches that you'll come across in the world of affiliate marketing, the affiliate programs in the furniture niche make use of only one payment model and that is the RevShare payment model. This payment model is a flexible payment model that sees to it that affiliates get paid for their hard work for an extended period which is speculated by the affiliate programs they are affiliated with. RevShare makes planning for a rich future possible for affiliates in the furniture niche in the sense that a single spending referral can be all you need to receive monthly income like a salary earner, only that this can be for a limited Time frame or longer if you are lucky.

The way this payment model works is very easy to comprehend and you can even be expectant of your ROI. That is, if you can invest time and increase your effort in converting referrals through your furniture affiliate link, you can know exactly how much you will receive at the end of the day even if some furniture products have different percentages attached to them. Affiliate programs using the RevShare payment model will know just how much to share with affiliates working with them and that is based on the contributions of that affiliate to the program, traffic-wise. Percentage earnings from furniture affiliate networks and programs using the RevShare payment model range between 4% to 30% per sale.

What to Consider When Choosing a Furniture Affiliate Program

Seeing that you have varieties of products that you can promote in the furniture niche, you might be tempted to settle for anyone, especially if it looks good from the outside. But that silly act can be detrimental to your finance's health as an affiliate and so to prevent that from happening, here are things you must consider before choosing an affiliate program to be affiliated with in the furniture niche.

Your Familiarity with the Products

Being familiar with what you are promoting gives you top hand at marketing it to the right audiences that are likely to not refuse your offer. There is a gainful trait that proves effective in marketing, it's a perfect display of confidence. You only get this if you are familiar with what you are promoting. This trait is easy to detect by potential customers. So they can tell if it's missing, or present and the possibility of you converting customers lies there. Because customers will not hesitate to abandon your affiliate offers once they feel you are not giving your best.

Commission Rate

People work hard so that they can have happy endings. Argue it or not, being an affiliate means you want to have a happy ending in the nearest future. But that is likely to not manifest especially if you settle for affiliate programs in the furniture niche that pay affiliates little commission rates. Look at it this way, when you have two furniture affiliate programs that both have exclusive products that potential customers cannot refuse, your only chance at walking out as a rich affiliate is by choosing one that pays better. This is your chance to think about yourself.

Program/Product Credibility

Talking about a perfect display of confidence while marketing. Knowing the credibility of the furniture affiliate program and product contributes a lot. Thankfully, you are provided with a lot of ways that you can follow to determine the credibility of a program and a product even before you start working with that furniture affiliate program and promoting the products there. You can look up forums and communities online that are specially created for furniture lovers where you'll get satisfactory information about any furniture affiliate program you intend on working with. Such places can be great places to generate traffic but that is a discussion for another section.

Cookie Duration

Working with affiliate programs that have unfair cookie duration can negatively leave a significant effect. Therefore, as an affiliate make sure to work with furniture affiliate programs that will leave you enough time to at least, enjoy the fruit of your labor. This is with special consideration to some furniture affiliate programs that have 7 days set for cookie duration. This can make you lose a referral's worth especially if the referral does not act within the time frame specified by the program. Consider going for programs with longer cookie duration like 160 to 180 days. You won't fear your referrals not acting fast and you losing your commissions.

Minimum Payout

Surely as an affiliate, you must have come across affiliate programs that have minimum payout set up for their affiliates. Furniture affiliates cannot withdraw their earned commissions unless they meet the minimum payout specified by the furniture affiliate program they are affiliated with. There's usually no problem with this. However, there are cases whereby affiliate programs specify outrageous amounts for affiliates to meet before they can withdraw their earned commissions. It will be for your good to stay away from such programs if you have a tight budget. However, it's nothing wrong if you can meet up. It's a perfect savings account if you look at it another way.

Affiliate Trackers

Affiliate trackers are software that clings to any user's system the moment that user clicks through an affiliate link. This software, once installed, allows affiliates to keep track of their affiliate links' activities. Also, affiliate programs make use of this software to calculate the contributions of the affiliates working with them. It is also used to reward hard-working furniture affiliates, especially if they are affiliates that have managed to sell off expensive furniture regularly. Such furniture affiliates can be rewarded with a bonus by the furniture affiliate programs they work with. But above all, affiliate trackers allow affiliates to balance their marketing game, so keep an eye out for them.

Earning per Click (EPC)

Even though there are a lot of other things you will consider with EPC in play, choosing a furniture affiliate program with high EPC will be a wise step that will leave a significant impact in the sense that, affiliates can note down their expected earnings due to the number of clicks they send through to the furniture affiliate program they are affiliated with. Calculating your EPC is easy. Let's say you receive $1000 from the furniture affiliate program you are affiliated with over a certain time, say 1 month. If the clicks through your affiliate link amount to 100 then it means, your EPC will be $1,000 divided by 100 clicks, which is equal to $10. So, if the EPC of the furniture affiliate program you are affiliated with is $1 then you can have a whopping $1k per approximately 1k clicks. Interesting right?

Traffic Sources for Furniture Offers

There are hardly any places you can't use, as traffic sources for furniture offers. Since everywhere you turn, there's a possibility that someone there is thinking about changing their furniture. So you need to be prepared for when the opportunity presents itself. Nonetheless, know that some traffic sources perform better than others and those are the ones we will look at in this section.

Website Content and Product Reviews

Creating website content and product reviews for furniture affiliate offers distinguishes between a professional affiliate marketer and newbies in the furniture niche and this is because it takes a high level of understanding with constant practice to be able to convert users this way. But the result is always worth it, hence why a lot of furniture affiliates are constantly changing their tactics and creating furniture website content and product reviews. So you might ask yourself, what is hard about website content and product reviews? Usually, it's nothing you can't do, as long as you have in-depth information about a Furniture product, you are good to go.

But then, there is a particular content structure that has proven effective and you'll do yourself well by practicing it as well. To follow this structure, first, you need to be familiar with the product. Even if you have never used the product, the internet can help with the necessary information. You can check online for valid reviews made by customers and note down the details you need to form your content.

Then the second part is to compare your chosen details with your competitors online. Surely, some websites rank higher than yours. You aim to occupy their spot when next a search related to your furniture offer is conducted. After that, you can be well-detailed with your content and include info that they might have left out.

Remember to make your content unique. The final step is to include case studies, Screenshots or images, etc. This will further convince potential customers. Especially if your case studies have a smiling face in a picture with whatever furniture product you are promoting which is a great sign of satisfaction and people will spend for that.

Above all, research is crucial in this aspect, because when you have important information about furniture products, writing and selling product reviews won't be a problem. You can even compare two or more furniture products. The information conveyed in your content can prompt readers to purchase through your affiliate link.

Social Media

Social media is a world on its own, and then when you think of the millions of users on these platforms, you can equally be looking at millions of potential customers that will be interested in your furniture offers to convert if and only if you have the best content on site. We've come across questions like, "How to cheat Facebook algorithms". This is very important in the sense that, this algorithm does not take likely, to some affiliate links and chances are, if you don't act smart, you will end up getting your furniture affiliate links deactivated, or being pushed down the news feed by algorithms. So, let’s check some easy practices to do and convert these social media platforms into traffic courses for your furniture offers.

You can concentrate on EPC as it is equally a good approach to social media traffic channeling and the result can be rewarding especially if you can get lots of users to click through your furniture affiliate link. Which can be very easy if you do your homework. On social media platforms today, there is a chance that 5 out of the 10 users that will come across your furniture affiliate content are homeowners, and those are potential customers. When you manage to post your furniture affiliate links and they click through, you can go ahead to start calculating your EPC.

You can also post the URL of your furniture affiliate website and when users click through, you can convert them. Another practice is to post your affiliate link in the comment section. This way, interested users will easily access your furniture affiliate offers and you will have hidden your affiliate link from the social media algorithm. You can also give the "Content first" approach a trial and see how it converts users.

This will work specifically in social media groups that are related to the furniture niche. You'll find more people there that will be interested in your furniture affiliate offers, you can post a video or two, about certain furniture offers. Make sure your posts are captivating.

Forums and Communities

Whether you become a community member for free, or you had to pay before becoming a member. There are certain rules you must abide by that will guarantee your success in generating good traffic for your furniture affiliate offers. Sometimes, affiliates find it hard to play by rules laid out in forums and communities, and it is understandable because some rules are harsh and wouldn't let you promote your furniture offers peacefully so, you must improvise. Keep this in mind, you must be approachable in forums and communities.

It wouldn't make any sense to join a forum or community, to convert the members there to your furniture affiliate site and they can't even contact you because you have no contact information on your profile. Think about it, it's a red flag. Make sure to include a URL to your website, or even an email address so that community members can contact you. Then be a community contributor.

Look at it this way, the level of participation you put into a community or forum can determine how rapidly your trust bar increases and it will only place you at an advantage if the trust bar fulls ASAP. When your trust bar fills up, you can then focus on promoting your furniture affiliate offers. There are various ways to do this. First, you can use link shorteners.

This means you get to post your furniture affiliate offers directly on the forum or community without getting smacked by admins or algorithms. But try to check with the policies guiding the furniture affiliate program you are affiliated with before using this feature. Some furniture affiliate programs might not allow this. And then secondly, you can try redirecting the traffic to your furniture affiliate website first and then converting users from there as well.

Paid Ads

Placing Ads can be you purchasing a lottery ticket since if you look at the bright side, you will be spending little money for bigger returns. But it all falls back to how well you create your Ads. You have so little to worry about since most of the platforms used for running Ads have specific tools you can use to target specific audiences. Your Ads should be video content and pictures.

Normal text content won't work too well in this niche because seeing is believing. An easy way to get to potential customers is by showing them the benefits of buying that furniture, whether it is a piece of bedroom furniture or a piece of living room furniture. Surely you would have done more than 50% of the conversion process if your Ads are good. Some common Ads channels are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and even Instagram Ads.

The thing is, these are places you are likely to meet potential customers and as stated, you can even customize your Ads to meet only people that are interested in your furniture offers, one way or the other. It works like magic. While placing your Ads, make sure it is captivating and descriptive. Above all, don't waste time before dropping the bomb. Give viewers a precise answer to their questions and see how the traffic keeps increasing from your paid Ads.

Tips to Maximize Traffic to Furniture Affiliate Offers

If you've made up your mind on using the traffic sources reviewed here to promote your furniture affiliate offers, perhaps you'll also find these tips on how to maximize traffic to your furniture affiliate offers, helpful.

Keyword Targeting

Targeted keywords can bring recurring traffic if done well. Anytime users use the search engines and input words you've used as keywords on your furniture website and content altogether, your content is brought up to them. Finding targeted keywords has its complexity in the sense that it can be too much and less effective at the same time. Having too many keywords embedded in content has its own sideways, so make sure it's adequate.

For instance, you can use a single focus keyword for each page on your furniture affiliate website to avoid ranking cannibalism. To create the best keyword, search the internet for competitive keywords that suit your furniture affiliate products. Keep in mind that some keywords are way too competitive to be used, so the best thing is to convert such keywords into long-tail keywords which are equally effective. Above all, your keywords should define your furniture offers.

Create a Furniture Blog/Website

There are different kinds of content you can create on a Furniture blog or website, depending on which one you have. The first kind of content is "Comparison Content". This content deals with comparing two or more furniture products, or items and any other thing you can think of in the furniture niche. But preferably, the products should be in the same category, but not necessarily the same brand or manufacturing company.

You can outline the pros and cons of each product and allow readers to decide which one will serve them better with price and functionality in mind. The second kind of content you can create on a furniture blog or website is "Best of" Content. In the furniture niche, various products can serve the same purpose. Your Job here is to find the best of the best, outline some brief details about why they are the best, and also the price.

Potential customers can then purchase if they find your content convincing. You should also consider the third kind of content which is equally effective, and that is the "How to" content. Since there are Furniture products that sell home renovation tools, creating guides on how to use such tools can be helpful to potential customers. You can also create guides on other furniture products and include your affiliate links within.

Focus on SEO

When you settle on using furniture affiliate websites to promote your affiliate offers, you should be prepared on optimizing your affiliate site for search engines. Most people who will come to your site looking for furniture or home decor accessories will abandon it immediately if they are uncomfortable. A lot of things can make users uncomfortable on a site, bad fonts for example. There is no reason why users should strain their eyes trying to read your content.

They'll abandon your site immediately and find one that has a better user experience. So enhancing users' experience should be your top priority. You can also format your furniture affiliate website in a way that potential customers can access it even with their mobile devices. You can also embed some keywords within your content, this will allow search engines to crawl through your furniture affiliate site and bring up your content whenever searches related to your furniture affiliate offers are conducted.

Engage with Your Community

You should also be prepared to engage your community if you plan on successfully promoting your furniture affiliate offers to them. Building a relationship with your community reduces the process of converting them and you'll be surprised at the number of leads you'll get if you engage them. Since you are presented with hundreds, if not thousands of furniture to promote from different brands, you can put up polls on social media platforms where you are active and get users' opinions on which one is better. Such kind of activity can enrich you with the right idea on what and what not to promote to your audiences with converting chances in mind.


Being realistic with your approach to potential customers will go a long way, and also show a significant effect on the number of potential customers you can convert through your affiliate link. Being well detailed, text wise might not be enough in promoting the products from this niche. Showing visual proof on the other hand can make you a happy affiliate at the end of the day that is why we recommend creating video posts and using pictures and screenshots in your content.

Don't forget social proofs and case studies. You can also steal a couple of ideas from your competitors and make your content unique in a way that you have all the information needed to convert potential customers when they click through your affiliate link. Sometimes, working smart is all you need to remain on top of your game as an affiliate in the furniture niche.