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Launch date: 08 Aug 2011
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Uploaded is a European file sharing service that pays for downloads from most major countries. The most favorable rates get downloads from the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Canada (up to 40 euros per 1000 downloads). Downloads from Russia are charged at a rate of 10 euros per 1000 downloads (subject to the file size of 100+ MB).

There is the possibility of direct and remote downloads, as well as download on FTP. You can use their software uDrive, which allows you to download files through the interface of Windows or MacOS.


  • Percentage of deductions
  • Payment per 1,000 downloads
    15-40 EUR
  • Are non-unique downloads paid for?
  • Is there a torrent download
  • Setting the download speed
  • Accepted countries
  • File storage time
    30 days for a free account
  • Maximum file size
    2 GB
  • Minimum payout
    20 EUR
  • Referral percentage
  • Payment methods
    Bank transfer, Bitcoin, WME
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September 10, 2021
  • Profitability 8
  • Problems with anti-viruses 8
  • Stability 5
  • Support 5

I also ordered a new payout on a voucher. For the first time. Before that I've always ordered on WM. When I changed wallets, robot always asked me for confirmation of traffic, etc. Yesterday, I changed my order details and received a confirmation message from the robot. I replied, as always, that I've been working for a long time and many times I sent them everything they demanded. Usually support replied and everything was ok. This time there was no answer - the status is HOLD and I think it is for a long time, if not forever.

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August 11, 2021
  • Profitability 5
  • Problems with anti-viruses 5
  • Stability 5
  • Support 3

Yes, there is really something wrong with the snail. The status of my request for payment of cryptocurrency vouchers half an hour ago became PAID. But the vouchers didn't come. And the message didn't come to my mailbox either. Maybe I need to wait. I am writing to them and hope that they will answer, but at the moment they are silent.

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July 28, 2020
  • Profitability 8
  • Problems with anti-viruses 8
  • Stability 8
  • Support 8

A large file exchange that is good for music . All "melomaniac" just got used to it a long time ago and are not afraid to buy premiums there.

However, the other day on Uploaded they disconnected payments to WebMoney, now we need to order the money through crypto vouchers (but no more than $50 per request), and then exchange them for fiat or something like that on a special exchange. Well, you can also receive payments in discount coupons from Amazon, and then resell them to friends and acquaintances.

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07 December 2022
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