January 25
  • Support 10
  • Technology 10
  • Quality of offers 10
  • Reliability 10

Hello everyone! This is the second year of working with the Trumps, I'm driving DE / CH / AT traffic.

The guys are very cool professionals, the support is great. They will always help, prompt, and you can talk purely on any topic that does not relate to work))

They gave me funnels for these geos, if new lands or prelands appear, they give them to me right away) You should not be afraid, because everything is tested by their internal buying team.

Another plus I can highlight is the top reports on leads from brands - this really helps in improving the funnel.

In general, what can I say, the guys are really the best in the market and do their job at maximum speed. It's a pleasure to work with them and earn money. Peace for everyone!

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