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Facebook Ad Headline Character Limit in 2022

The staple of any advertising is a headline. Next comes the slogan or tag. But it is a headline that determines whether people will read and hopefully click on your ad or just scroll it unnoticed. Every marketer strives to make headlines meaningful and noticeable for search engines. An additional challenge is making headlines alluring for potential customers as some of them read only headlines.

However, the task of creating the best headline sometimes turns into a quest because some advertising platforms set their own requirements and limits on the number of characters allowed for a headline. I do not doubt that Facebook Ads popped up in your head first.

An impressive 93% of marketers who run ads on social media use Facebook Ads. So, your headlines matter. However, you do not have unlimited space for your Facebook headline. Previously, headline character limits depended on the Facebook ad type and varied from 25 up to 60 characters. But recently, the platform has unified the requirements to the ad headlines.

Facebook Ads Headline Character Limit in 2022

A wide selection of ad formats on Facebook allows advertisers to achieve various advertising objectives. However, different requirements and specifications for ad placements and ad types confused many marketers. Recent updates of ad requirements put in order and unified ad headline characters limits.

According to Facebook Business Ads Guide, the maximum number of characters for various ad types (single image ads, carousel ads, instant articles, video ads, ) in the Facebook News Feed is 40 characters. The same limit is applied to Messenger and Facebook Stories, as well as to right-column ads (desktop only) and Facebook Marketplace ads.

Important: According to recent researches based on the analysis of 752 626 Facebook ads, the most popular Facebook ad headlines are five words long. "Popularity" was measured by engagement factors, such as likes, shares, and comments. Five-word headlines are catchy and take people "right to the point".

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As you see, despite the headline character limit, Facebook still offers plenty of space to make your ad headlines appealing to potential customers. Launching new ad campaigns with different ad formats, you still have to ensure that images and videos comply with the platform’s requirements; yet still, you can feel reassured that all headlines should be within the 40 characters limit.

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