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How to Promote Mobile Offers in Affiliate Network in 2022 — What is Mobile Affiliate Marketing?

One of the best ways to make money online is through online affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an easy job, it pays well, and you get to be your own boss and that is one of the best parts of affiliate marketing. What if you could get into online affiliate marketing only using your smartphone? If you are new to the world of affiliate marketing, or you feel like you can't do affiliate marketing, we are here to tell you are absolutely wrong. You can even start doing affiliate marketing with a simple smartphone, and that is all you need. In fact, if you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing or you have not done any, using your phone is a very genuine way to get into it.

Sit back, get a cool drink, and enjoy reading this article as we will tell you how you can earn a good amount of money, using only your smartphone, in the easiest way possible.

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What Is Mobile Affiliate Marketing

When you drive traffic to your business through users on mobile phones, you are doing mobile affiliate marketing. These types of traffic are not always tracked, mainly because there are some services that are not compatible with some operating systems. Nevertheless, in 2022, most people have access to smartphones. They shop on their phones and pay their bills. Based on Statista, the number of people with a smartphone is more than 6 billion people. That is more than 75% of the world's population.

Every year, the number of people who use their mobile to access the internet tremendously increases. Research on StatCounter shows that right now, 55% of the people who access the internet are using their smartphones. That is why you have a high chance of reaching out to more people by promoting mobile offers.

What Are Mobile Offers

Mobile offers consist of any offers of mobile applications and mobile subscriptions that users on mobile can access. There are different types of applications on mobile phones that you can promote. You can promote games, utility apps, shopping apps, delivery apps, taxi apps, and even music apps.

Advantages of Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of promoting a product through mobile phones.

  • Rapid Growth

As we mentioned before, both the number of mobile users and people who use mobiles to access the internet are growing. All of the statistics predict that the number will increase to more than what it is. So if you enter the network of mobile affiliate marketing, there are a lot of customers out there, and there will be even more.

  • Easy Targeting

Most of the time, targeted offers work better in affiliate marketing. Targeted offers mean that you will offer a product to certain groups of people that you know are more likely to buy your product. With mobile marketing, you can target your customers in a more advanced way.

For example, you can target your customers based on the area they live in. This method is called geotargeting. You might want to promote your product only in specific countries or only to specific languages. Mobile affiliate marketing makes this easy for you.

Disadvantages of Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Of course, you have a huge audience when dealing with mobile offers. But there are also some drawbacks that you need to keep in mind.

  • The Challenge of Designing

Unfortunately, there are a lot of websites and applications that might not be optimized for mobile phones. Some websites still cannot give a good user experience to their mobile users. As we go forward, websites try to make their website design friendlier for mobile users.

  • Lack of Tools for Affiliates

For an affiliate marketer, there are a lot of tools they can use. Some tools such as spy tools, and analytics tools. There are still lots of services that do not offer tracking and analytics for mobile users. This is also linked with the operating system and its version on mobile phones. There are lots of apps that only work on certain versions of Android and iOS. Therefore, optimizing the way users see your ads and promotions, and whether they are even able to access the affiliate service on their version of OS, might be tough. Since mobile affiliate marketing is growing fast, these issues are becoming smaller every day, and soon they will be resolved.

  • Small Screens

The smaller the screen, the harder it is to see things. If a website or an application does not do a high-grade job optimizing its platform for mobile phones, it will be harder for mobile users to interact with it. The screen is smaller, and that means there will be less content to see, and the size of things will be smaller than what they seem on a larger screen.

Driving Traffic in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Now you know some basic information about mobile affiliate marketing. The next step is to choose how you want to drive traffic to the mobile service.

  • Social Media Promotions

Many social media applications have information on their users, such as the language they speak or their geographical location. Facebook and Instagram offer ways for you to advertise through their platform by targeting a specific group of people if you want to.

There are lots of businesses that are using Facebook for promoting their applications and business on mobile phones. You can see an example of mobile promotion posts here. In order to see how people are actually using Facebook Ads to promote mobile offers, you can check the library of ads on Facebook.

You can also promote a post containing an affiliate link or the description of a product on Instagram. This page comprehensively explains how Instagram promotion works. Other than Instagram sponsorship, you can promote your affiliate links and codes on your Instagram posts and use hashtags to reach out to more people. One of the pages that is doing this is der_preisfehlerteufel on Instagram. As you can see, they even have a Facebook group where they share discount codes, so they can attract even more people.

  • Ad Networks

There are a lot of websites and places you can get source traffic from. Some of the traffic sources are premium and you have to pay for them. Websites such as AdOperator or PushAlert, and Megapush offer paid traffic. You can see a case study of advertising using push notifications on mobile here. This method earned them a gross $216 in 5 days, having only spent $33 and earned $250.

You can get some free traffic as well. Some websites like SimpleTraffic offer free traffic as a trial. The most common source of free traffic are things like SEO traffic, blogs, social media themselves, and so on. You can also use Google AdMob to achieve this for mobile users.

Google AdMob allows you to choose your target audience and do geo-targeting and device targeting. You can see in this YouTube video how Dat Geeky Guy earns revenue from having ads in his apps.

  • Game Ads

You have definitely faced some games that include advertisements. These advertisements are non-optional and people who haven’t purchased anything on the app have to watch them in order to get some extra points or coins or even pass a level. One of the examples of such promotions are in the game Hill Climb Racing. Users can watch an ad to open chests. You can place your ads here, as you can see in the example below.

As you can see, Match Masters is using Facebook, Instagram, and Game Video Ads to drive more traffic towards their game.

How to Get Paid in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

After you choose how you want to drive traffic, you need to know the ways that you can earn money from the driven traffic, using your affiliate services.

Installing an app: If you have a contract with a publisher, whenever someone installs an app from a link that you promoted, you will receive money for it.

Pay for contact: When someone contacts the advertiser, the affiliate gets paid for it. Here is how this type of offer looks like.

Subscriptions: This offer type is when an affiliate promotes another service on their platform. This could be anything. For example, if you advertise a page on your own Instagram page.We have all seen many examples of this type in social media. Here is an example.

Payment for selling a product: If you sponsor something and a customer that comes from you buys that product, you will get money for it. The customers can either go through a link you send or use a discount code. Down below, you can see a good example of promoting a product for selling.

In this case, the product is a service, but you can sell anything this way.

Tips for Growing in Mobile Affiliate Marketing

  • Use the Traffic Within the App

If you do affiliate marketing using your mobile phone, you have to know that the biggest source of traffic is within the application you are using. For a mobile affiliate marketer, social media is the most valuable place. The best way to get the attention of the users of social media is to study social media and its algorithms. Knowing how you can optimize your posts to that social media preferences will get you a lot of traffic. As an instance, if you do not know enough about SEO (search engine optimization), you cannot gain a lot of traffic for yourself.

The other good part about traffic in mobile affiliating is that usually there is more information available for them. Information such as where they are and what is the user's age, or what users like. With the help of this type of information, you can pull particular targeted traffic towards yourself.

  • Be Competitive

We mentioned before that there are a lot of people doing mobile affiliate marketing, and that makes for a highly competitive ground. No matter what subject or niche you are working in, there are probably some people doing that. If you want to compete against some people that are already doing what you are doing, you have to be either different or better than them. Make sure your offers are creative and different from your competitors. Having unique content is also another way to put yourself in the field. Another thing that always helps you in your business is having an attractive offer that will pull the traffic towards you rather than someone else.

  • Use Social Media

In mobile affiliate marketing, social media are most likely your ace. Why have only one while you can have more? There are a lot of social media out there. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. You can use them all to your advantage, and you are getting traffic from all of them if you use them. The only matter that remains is to see what type of offer suits which social media. You can do that by a short amount of research.

As you can see in the example above from xQc’s YouTube channel, people use their social media to promote their other social media accounts. At the end, all of the social media accounts will promote each other.

  • Join an Affiliate Network

As an affiliate marketer, joining an affiliate network is always an excellent idea. It is fairly easy to join an affiliate network, and it takes only a short time to join one. We mentioned before that an affiliate network acts like a middleman between you, an affiliate, and the seller. There are a lot of advantages to it. Affiliate networks have a good amount of base clients and advertisers. This will save you from a lot of trouble, and you do not need to waste your time looking for things like that.

Now here are some more good points about having an affiliate network.

  • They usually pay you fast, so you do not need to worry about the payout time.
  • The risk of losing your money and not getting paid is lower.
  • You have access to analytics.
  • You have a good number of offers, and there are various offers based on a region or a country.
  • Sometimes, affiliate networks provide you with the tools you need to optimize your business.
  • You will have access to advertisers.


  • Provide Quality Contents

One of the keys to becoming successful in any job is having quality in your offers and posts. Most of the content that exists on social media is visual. The contents are either images or videos. If you want to attract other people to yourself you have to make your content stand out. Making beautiful images and videos might be a more optimal job for computers. Luckily smartphones that exist nowadays are not so useless in terms of creating attractive visuals. There are many tools you can use to edit your video or image files. Even the big companies give quality and effects to their advertisements when they want to sell a product to make them stand out. For an easier understanding, take a look at this Instagram page.

You can see how they used different elements such as lighting and visual effects to make their content look good. You should do the same with whatever visual content you have. Make sure you have the right equipment, and always spend time polishing your content.

  • Analyze the Data You Have And Plan a Strategy

In the career of affiliate marketing, analytics is an important step in your business. If you are a mobile affiliate marketer, you also need to analyze some data. Data such as click rate, visit, conversion, and your costs. You should use tracking tools or spy tools to get some data and analyze them. Tools such as AdMobiSpy can help you gather data on your opponents. After you have the information, it should be a simple task to plan a strategy. Test your strategies and see how they work for you. Analyzing and having a plan will also help you to find your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you to understand where you should be focusing on.

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Now that you have read this article, you should know everything you need to know to start your job as a mobile affiliate marketer. If you do these steps and use this knowledge to your advantage, you are going to have a great boost at the start of your journey. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are reading through a smartphone, and if you have one, then there should be no excuse for you to not try mobile affiliate marketing.

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