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How An Affiliate Earned $17 000 Profit in Quarantine With The Help of A Spy Tool

In affiliate marketing, one of the fastest ways to get results is by running campaigns that are already proven to make money by other affiliates. The best way to find such campaigns is by using spy tools. Spy tools show the offers and campaigns being run by other affiliates, making it easy for anyone to copy and replicate what's working.

Today we are bringing you a case study from Niki Gray, an affiliate who was able to make a $17 000 profit in 30 days by simply finding an offer from a spy tool called Visto. The offer was less saturated and from a not-so-popular vertical, but it worked wonders for him.

In this case study, Gray decided to ditch the common offers that most affiliates would go for and he opted to go for a rare offer. He discovered this offer by using just one hidden filter on Visto.

He used one simple filter that Visto users hardly know about. The filter generates and shows you affiliate ads that are seldomly run but can be as profitable as any finance gambling or diet offers out there.

The filter is named "Other" vertical within the affiliate filter.

By going into the “Other” section, Grey was able to discover offers that very few affiliates run, and by doing that, he was already cutting off most of the competition. Let's see how he was able to find this offer.

Getting Started
After choosing the "Other" filter, Gray started scrolling in search of an interesting offer that he could run during the quarantine period. He knew some industries were blowing up because of the situation and he needed to find offers in those industries.

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After a little search, he came across an interesting ad:

The ad caught Grey's interest since it was a VOD offer. Its appeal was clear since people had so much time to watch stuff.

From his industry experience, he already knew about these types of offers. They are Credit Card Submit offers for a VOD service.

Campaign Analysis
Grey clicked on the ad and he saw the landing page that was being used. He knew right away that his hunch was correct. So, Grey immediately downloaded the landing page and asked his designer to replicate it.

The next step was finding the best offer for it. He already knew some advertisers in the VOD industry. So, Grey contacted one of them and the advertiser told him that they were exploding with the amount of traffic they were receiving on those offers.

Grey didn't opt to just run it as it was, but he looked for ways to set himself ahead of the competition. Since he knew that the whole of the EU was under lockdown, he objected to limit himself to NZ/AU geos only. So, Grey went forward to ask the advertiser which other geos were accepted for the offer.

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Europe and fair enough had a good number of countries where the advertiser could process cards. Even the countries which most affiliates would never think of running traffic. This meant that he had the market all for himself.

Some of those countries were: Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, etc.

Setting Up
He then sent the ad and landing page text for translation — for all of the languages and he also asked the advertiser to get his page localized to all of those countries.

Once Grey finished the setup process, he fired up the campaigns and waited to see the results.

The Results

As you can see in the screenshot above, some countries were just rocking it straight off the start while others struggled a bit.

In just one month, Grey was able to generate the following results;

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  • Revenue: $32 845
  • Spent: $15 780
  • Profit: $17 064
  • ROI: 108%

Grey didn’t scale the campaigns further because he saw a dip in performance and at the same time, he had better opportunities with other campaigns which were making him more revenue. So, he decided to pause this campaign.

This case study helps to elaborate that offers in rare niches have the potential to bring in profit because they are less saturated and have a huge opportunity when properly analyzed. The market trends are also important when selecting niches to run offers in. As we can see the marketer, in this case, was able to study the markets and understand that the quarantine period was the best time for VOD offers. This was because everyone was at home and free to watch lots of videos and tv programs.

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