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"Recently I Became a Trillionaire"— the Story of Andrew Tate: the Man Who Took Over the Internet And Got Banned from All Social Networks

The concept of men starting an adult webcam business and employing their girlfriends as webcam models isn't new in the online moneymaking industry. Such webcam businesses were immensely profitable before the coming of the OnlyFans platform. Many webcam entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers made millions of dollars off the subscriptions on the webcam sites. One of the entrepreneurs who ran one of the top sites was a former kickboxing champion from London, UK, called Andrew Tate.

In this article, we are sharing the story of Andrew Tate and how he started a profitable webcam business that changed his life from a broke kickboxing champion to a millionaire.

Andrew Tate started this webcam business after realizing he could not earn a lot of money as a kickboxer and believing it was the way to take him to millionaire status. Currently, he owns an OnlyFans Models Agency, a bunch of casinos in Eastern Europe, and online self-development and entrepreneurship courses, which he promotes with an outrageous affiliate marketing strategy that made him the most famous man on the Internet in 2022.


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Let's dive into this article...

Background Story

Andrew Tate was born in 1986 in Washington, DC, USA. He spent his early years as a chess player, playing alongside his father, who was a former chess champion. His parents separated earlier on in his life, and he was forced to move to England with his mother.

Andrew Tate (circled in red) playing chess in his early childhood days

Moving to England made him lose touch with playing chess as he was separated from his father, who was his chess coach and mentor.

"The separation between my parents changed my life trajectory."

Andrew Tate then chose to go all in with a kickboxing career, which he started in his late teenage years.

"I used to train seven hours a day. Everyday!"

Side Hustles and Getting into the TV Advertising Business

Aside from kickboxing, Tate worked some part-time jobs in his teenage years to get some cash. He says that he worked for his uncle who was a Fish Monger in the town of Luton and by the time he was 20, he got a job as a salesman for a Television advertising agency called Tristar Television - this was before online advertising took off and TV was the hot thing.

"I got into this sales job without having a degree. All I was doing was calling different prospects and selling them TV advertising packages. A few months later I broke the company’s best sales record because I was always on the phone calling every potential prospect.

My first month I landed three $40 000 deals making that $120 000 and I had a 10% commission which means I received a paycheck of $12 000 in my first month. I was 20 years old and I had never touched this kind of money in my life.", Andrew Tate explains this in his Hustlers University course.

Andrew went on to leave the company just after 2 months when another top salesman at the company called Daniel Agbako Coffie, “Dan” proposed to him during their lunch break that they should start their own television advertising company. Andrew and Dan opened T2 Television company which became Andrews first ever company. T2 sold TV advertising and they used aggressive sales techniques that eventually led them to trouble. The company turned over $1 000 000 revenue in its first year but all that wasn’t sustainable because they were using cash from new deals to fund the previous deals - so they had to keep closing new deals to stay in business and they were always hanging on a thread.

Andrew says that his partner Dan also had a cocaine addiction, and he used the company’s money to fund his addiction. When Andrew took a 1-month holiday to focus on his kickboxing training, he returned and found out that Dan wasted all the company’s funds and they couldn’t function anymore. So T2 was closed after 1 year and a half.

Andrew went on to open another television advertising company together with his brother and they worked on it part-time while he was engaged in his kickboxing career.

Tate trained hard and was able to overcome and beat a lot of kickboxers, which boosted his global rankings and enabled him to become a 4-times ISKA world kickboxing champion.

However, he claims that kickboxing wasn’t earning him enough money. He was, instead, very popular in the industry but needed to be financially secure.

"I was a kickboxing champion but kickboxing isn't as glorified as boxing. I’d make $100 000 for a fight but I would fight only between 1 to 3 times a year. Then I’d have to pay 20% to my manager, pay taxes, pay for training, and other expenses like rent which was high as I was living in London. So I’d only keep 30% - 40% of the money which was around $30 000 - $40 000 per fight.  

I was making money but I wasn't rich-rich. I wasn't balling," Andrew Tate explains his state at the time.

Tate believed there was a better life outside of boxing, and he made it his ambition to make himself as much money as possible. He says that he was putting in 6 hours per day of effort, absolutely focusing on kickboxing training and he thought of what could happen I he put the same tenacity and effort into something else that can make more money.

"I thought, what was the point of being a world champion if I couldn't buy Lambos off a debit card?"

So, in his late 20s, he retired from kickboxing and co-founded a Webcam business with his brother Tristan Tate after seeing an ad on a website that said “Hot girls want to talk to you”. This ad led to a webcam site and it’s what opened his eyes to enter the webcam business.

The Webcam Business

Andrew Tate says he started his webcam business in his small apartment in London alongside his brother Tristan. At that time, the fame he earned from being a global kickboxing champion enabled him to have multiple girlfriends across different countries, especially “ring girls” as he would travel a lot across the globe and win his fights.

“If you win a world title, it's easy to get ring-girls falling for you; it was pretty easy”

Andrew says that he had one girlfriend in Slovakia, one in France, and two in England.

“They all thought I was a millionaire world champion”

He decided to call them all to meet him at his London apartment together so that he could explain to them his new business venture.

"The girls were very loyal to me, and they all agreed to fly to London," Tate says.

The girls arrived in London, and he explained the idea of starting a webcam business where they would be the models to indulge in live webcam chats with subscribers. Two of them refused and left and two remained - and that was the beginning of Andrew’s webcam empire.

Andrew worked on the management and tech side of the business, including promoting the webcam site online, and he says that they started making well over $800 000 per month. His main expense was repaying the girls, whom he paid between 20% and 50% of his earnings depending on the terms of the agreement. The earnings kept increasing over time, and he grew his team of webcam models until he was forced to move to a bigger apartment.

“At one point, I had 4 locations and 75 girls working for my webcam business,"  Andrew says.

Andrew’s business flourished and he was able to buy his first-ever supercar which was an Aston Martin.

He went on to re-invest his profits in several other businesses like a Casino business in Romania, buying 10% shares of the Romanian MMA league “RXF”, a car-selling company in England, and selling business and self-development courses online.

Casino Business

Andrew Tate says that the casino business made him more money than he had ever thought he’d make. He says that he opened up his casino as a franchise for a bigger casino company that was already well-established in Europe. The company had over 400 locations across Europe and it was turning over €10 million per day.

Andrew Tate wanted just a piece of that, so he suggested to the company that he would pay to set up a franchise of their casino with their branding, and also pay them a percentage of turnover, not profit. He would also open the franchise next to their biggest competitor.

“I told them I would go to war for you with my own money”, Andrew says.

Andrew opened up the casino and he says that it made him loads of money until 2020 when casinos were closed in Romania due to COVID-19. However, he says that he made enough money that funded his rich lifestyle business and enabled him to buy his fleet of supercars including a $5 million dollar Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport.

In the late 2010s, the webcam business model started falling off, and Andrew decided to shift his business from Webcam to OnlyFans, whereby the business manages a number of OnlyFans models’ accounts.

Selling Online Courses

When the trend of online courses came up in 2018, Andrew Tate did not accept being left behind. Andrew chose to start making online courses sharing his expertise in areas like;

  • How to get girls
  • How to network with high-level individuals
  • How to make money in the Webcam industry
  • How to be a Top G
  • How to start an OnlyFans management business
  • And other specific things like fitness, body language, and entrepreneurship.

Andrew Tate’s courses include;

  • The PhD Programme. This teaches how to get multiple girls like him.
  • The Networking Brilliance. This teaches how to network with high-level individuals.
  • How To Be A G. This teaches How to be a cool guy.
  • Webcam Business Program. This teaches how to start a webcam business.
  • OnlyFans Fortunes. How to start an OnlyFans management business.
  • Fitness Program. This teaches about fitness and kickboxing.
  • Body Language Program. This teaches how to use and read body language from other people.
  • Hustlers University. This teaches how to make money as an entrepreneur and become rich.
  • The War Room. A membership site for entrepreneurs across the world.

The Hustlers University

The Hustlers University course is the one that made Andrew Tate very popular online. The reason is not the course content itself, but rather his aggressive promotional strategy for acquiring sales for his course.

The Hustlers University course is sold for $49, and it is all about how to make money and become a successful entrepreneur. It is based on 100 business principles that Andrew Tate explains has used in his career, and he explains them in less than 5 hours.

This course could be like any other entrepreneurship course, but the difference comes in Andrew’s personality and the effort he puts into promoting it, which is something different and "special." We are saying special because no other online entrepreneur or “guru” has gone to such an extent to promote a course. Only Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone tried, but not to the extent that Andrew Tate has reached.

The efforts to promote this course are what made Andrew Tate the most famous man on the internet in 2022, with over 5 million searches per month on Google and over 5 billion views across Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube. In July of 2022, he was one of the most Googled humans in the world, beating out Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and even Kim Kardashian

Promoting the Hustlers University

To promote this course, Andrew Tate chose to create an affiliate program that would give affiliate links to his students so that they could make money by helping him acquire more students. The students who enroll for the course for just $49 can make $1 000s in passive income by promoting the course.

This affiliate program creates a win-win situation for both Andrew Tate, who earns more from the sales, and the students who make passive income.

David Dill, an affiliate marketer, and Youtuber who promotes this course says that to promote this program, you need to sign up as a student and acquire your affiliate link on their website or Discord channel.

You are then given access to a collection of videos from the Tate Library which you will post on your social media channels like Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube.

The videos are usually made from catchy and controversial statements that Andrew Tate makes during his interviews and podcasts with several popular content creators. They are edited with captions and cool effects that can pull viewers' attention and cut into short bits to fit the current social media requirements of Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts.

An affiliate is supposed to create a TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube page, share the videos, and then add his affiliate link in the bio.

The crazy part is that this strategy has worked well for both the affiliates and Andrew Tate himself.  Below is a screenshot from David Dill, showing how much money he made just in his first week after joining this program:

The affiliate says that it has been simple passive income, and it seems that he won't stop promoting the course anytime soon.

There is also a Discord channel where Hustlers University affiliates share their success stories and the commissions they make after using this strategy. Some have made up to 5-figures by doing this:

Andrew Tate has not yet come out to speak about how much money he has made from this so far but all we know is that if affiliates are making money, then the business owner is making way more money, probably 7 to 8 figures per month.

Controversial Statements and Being a Self-Proclaimed Trillionaire

In one of his many interviews, Tate said he was broke for a long time and earned his first million at 27. At the age of 31, according to Andrew, he owned a fortune of $100 million. At the end of his story, the former kickboxing star said:

"Just recently, I became a trillionaire."

In addition, he is also known for many other horrendous statements. Like, he only drinks sparkling water.

"Sparkling water is the only water I drink because it's for millionaires….Normal water is for brokies."

He also came up with the word “brokies” which has now become a commonly used slang. To him, he says that it doesn't refer to poor people but rather to people with a poor mindset.

He also talks a lot about “The Matrix” and how people can break through the norms that have been set by “The Matrix” and achieve financial freedom. However, he says that his statements on “The Matrix” might put him in danger and probably lead to his disappearance. He also says that he has been banned on social media platforms, because he is teaching people to escape “The Matrix”.

In general, his character is interesting, first of all, with videos about himself as well as podcasts and interviews with famous people.

Troubles Leading to Being Banned on all Social Media Channels  

Andrew Tate has been criticized many times online, the first time being in 2016 when he participated in the UK television show “The Big Brother." One day on the show called one of the participants a real snake. This triggered the viewers, who ended up leaking a video of him beating up his girlfriend.

Andrew eventually got kicked off the show because of this video but later on, he and the girl in the video came up and said that the video was made for fun and the girl had given 100% consent for that to happen.

A similar situation has occurred recently whereby Andrew Tate has been framed for his controversial statements that objectify women and defy feminism as a whole. This led him to be called a “misogynist” and a dangerous man to society. This also led to the banning of all of his social media accounts on August 22nd, 2022, including accounts on other apps like Uber and Airbnb.

However, he still shows up on social media like he wasn't banned through the videos his affiliates promote and the interviews and podcast shows he appears on.

Hustlers University 3.0

Of recent, Andrew Tate released the third version for the Hustlers University which has a collection of online money-making courses in:

  • Affiliate marketing,
  • Cryptocurrencies,
  • Copywriting,
  • Freelancing,
  • Forex trading,
  • Trading of stocks and options,
  • E-commerce,
  • And Amazon FBA.

Critics say that this version is going to create huge competition with other infopreneurs who sell courses on these topics. 

Fight of the Century

Andrew is not going to stop on his quest to become the most popular man on the Internet, and he has planned a new hype tactic for himself. He has scheduled a very much anticipated boxing match with Jake Paul, who is another famous social media personality.

The match has been scheduled to take place in 2023 and it has fueled more popularity for Andrew Tate.

Both guys are top social media personalities, so it's interesting for people to know who is the best boxer. Andrew Tate is already a retired champion in kickboxing, while Jake Paul is just starting up his boxing career — so most already know that Andrew Tate is definitely winning this one.

Andrew Tate Converting to Islam

Andrew Tate has recently announced on social media that he has switched his religion from Christianity to Islam and that it's the only true religion. He did this after making claims that the Western world and culture is “washed” and he now wants to serve God through a “real religion” which is Islam.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, he is living in the United Arab Emirates in the city of Dubai, where he says he is there to learn Islam and conduct his business.

Being Reinstated on Twitter 

Following Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter, the tech billionaire assured that he will revoke the suspensions of key influencers who got banned on the platform before. Among others, these influencers were Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Andrew Tate. 

Since Andrew Tate's return to Twitter, his account has grown to over 2.6 million followers in less than a month.


The scope and odiousness of the brand that Andrew Tate built for himself can be envied by any info-business entrepreneur. And the uniqueness lies precisely in the fact that he does not even attempt to explain to the dreamers the luxurious life that he has earned by promoting the topic. He is an example of a guy with no expertise in most of the areas in which he successfully sells courses.

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