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Earning $23 651 a Year With Cow Content on Youtube

It all started in the fall of 2020 when the owner of the Farm Factory channel started testing new niches and themes on YouTube. During his search, he discovered a  free niche with huge traffic figures but a small amount of good content.

He quickly sought the help of his farming friends and was able to land a job on a farm in the Netherlands. The author of this scheme worked hard on the farm, under the supervision of responsible people, for a few days while he was on an internship. However, after a few days, he began to cut content and film everything that happened around him on the farm. He filmed tractors, farm equipment, the cowsheds, and even the cows themselves. He used a GoPro in conjunction with an iPhone and edited the videos on his old Zenbook laptop.

When he returned home, he had 100 GB of videos that he sorted and divided into different themes, such as tractors and other equipment, and the barns and cows. He then mixed the content to create enough material for more than one channel. He successfully published the videos on his YouTube channel and was shocked to see that one of his channels brought in over $23 000 in a year.

As proof of his success, he sent a screen from his creative studio to one of his friends, showcasing the income from one of his cow content YouTube channels. The man couldn't help but think of his friend's wise words: "One cow is good, but if there are two of them, this is already content." He had turned his passion for cows into a profitable venture and was now living proof that with a little hard work and creativity, anyone can turn their passions into success.

The screenshot is in Russian language but you can see that the lad earns $23 651 per month

According to the owner of the channel, he is not concerned about this channel as it is one of the least profitable. Despite having over 215 000 subscribers and 101.6 million video views, the channel only generated $23 651 in a year. Below is a screenshot of the channel as it appeared at the time of writing.

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The channel has 215 000 subscribers and its most popular video has received 30 million views, published a year ago. Notably, the top videos on the channel are all under 5 minutes in length, as the creator noted, this is to improve audience retention. Let's examine the "About" section and the description of the latest video.

The channel description is rather straightforward, just a basic overview with a location-based tag for YouTube's algorithms. However, it's noteworthy that the channel was established in July 2021, meaning it's just over a year old and has already achieved impressive results.

This is intriguing, but I'm eager to examine the description of the latest video on the channel to see what links, tags, and information are included there.

The channel's description is quite basic, with just a short explanation and a set of keywords. There are no tags present. We can see that the first line of the video's description includes an explanation of the activities taking place in the video.

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Other video descriptions on this channel include links to other videos on the same channel. The idea behind this relinking is to redirect the channel's viewers from one video to another, thus increasing the total viewing hours and ultimately generating more profit.

If you take a closer look at the frequency of video uploads, you'll see that the creator consistently uploads a new video every week. This shows that having a large number of subscribers and detailed descriptions and tags are not as important as keeping viewers engaged by using end screens and links to other videos in the description. However, it would still be interesting to compare the analytics data with the earnings report to see if there is any discrepancy.

So what do we have here? The channel was created in July 2021 and in that time, 142 videos were uploaded that have received nearly 70 million views and attracted 215 000 subscribers. Now, let's look at the yearly profit indicators and we can see a range from $2 700 to $42 700 per year. However, as shown in the earlier screenshot, the channel has earned $23 650 in a year, so we can safely assume that the highest income figure from the service was overestimated by a factor of two. But that's not all. There's a significant discrepancy in the total number of views, with the screen showing 101.6 million views, while the service reports almost 70 million views. Where did the additional 30 million views go?

This can be explained by the presence of the "Youtube Shorts" video format on the channel, whose views are not included on the screen and are only available in the creator's studio. The author notes that these videos are not counted toward the total views.


The joy of creating and monetizing copyrighted content is a beautiful thing! As you can see, this author has found a unique and untapped niche, giving them the freedom to showcase their creativity and diversity in their content. They have expertly combined different video fragments to create hundreds of unique and engaging videos, all without the worry of facing any strikes from original content creators. The results of their hard work are evident in the form of a substantial yearly profit of $24 000.

While the author remains tight-lipped on their methods for finding untapped niches and analyzing their data, they have proven that success is achievable through creativity and hard work. And who knows how much they are earning from their other channels! The possibilities are endless, and there is always room for growth and improvement. Here's to finding new sources of income and reaching new heights in your endeavors.

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