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Growing a Pet Niche Website from 0 to 4 300 000 Monthly Visitors in Less than 2 Years

Petkeen.com is one of the top content sites in the pet niche. The site is apparently new to the space but it has been able to scale from 0 to 4 300 000 monthly visitors per month in less than 2 years. The pet niche is rife with competition and the way these kinds of websites gain traction is by drilling down to the hyper-specific.

In this article, we are analyzing how the site was able to gain that spiking growth by focusing on its content strategies, keyword targeting, and sources of traffic. We shall also look at its traffic statistics over the 2 years and monetization strategies.

About the Site

Petkeen.com is a pet niche site that puts up content that offers practical and helpful advice,  information, and knowledge about pets’ nutrition, safety, equipment, and behavior on pets of all sizes, from cats, dogs to horses.

The website’s domain was first registered in February 2020 and since then, it has piled up a bunch of content making its traffic trends grow exponentially fast.

ContentPet Keen focuses on publishing insane amounts of content targeting long-tail keywords. In May 2020 Pet Keen was a 5-page website. The domain has over 7 500 organic pages.

That’s roughly over 300 new pages of content every month on average.

Releasing this amount of content per month already means you’re bound to strike gold in the content sites business. There’s no way a single site owner could produce all that content and we believe that there is a whole team behind these articles.

On their website, they show that they have a team of 5 editors and authors but we believe they outsource the majority of their writing to freelance writers to meet that number.

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After checking their monthly article output based on the first seen date, this is the number of articles they have been publishing ever since their launch. The one month that they had over 1 000 posts was when they made lots of single pages on all types of animals, like this one.


Pet Keen has been able to grow to literally 0 to a tremendous amount of traffic that sums up to 4 300 000 visitors per month by January 2022 all from organic channels. This growth has taken place in a period of less than 2 years making it rank among the top websites in the pet niche worldwide.

The website’s main source of traffic is traffic from google search and that accounts for 91% of its traffic. It ranks number 1 on many big keywords in the niche including one of their pages "7 Brown Cat Breeds (With Pictures)" that ranks number 1 for “brown cat” on Google.

Other top keywords that it ranks for are; "funny rabbit names", "funny horse names, most expensive dogs", etc.

Majority of its traffic comes from top English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, with the USA leading with 60.1% of the traffic.

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Pet Keen monetizes with display ads and affiliate links. The website uploads a lot of informational content and heavily deploys ads on the site. From side banners, footer banners, in-page banners and so much more.

Having all these ads on over 7 000 pages of content with 4 300 000 visitors per month is already enough to earn this website more than $120 000 revenue per month from display ads alone. This is the bare minimum as this monthly revenue number could be way higher.

They also have a bunch of affiliate links and popups to affiliate programs for e-commerce sites in the pet niche. The most prominent ones being Smalls for pet food and Chewie for pet products accessories. Not only do they use affiliate links but they also placed exit-intent pop-ups with affiliate promotions for this site.

This all accounts for a lot monthly commissions from these affiliate programs basing on the fact that they have millions of traffic coming through their website.

The owners of Pet Keen likely reinvested their ad and affiliate income heavily into content creation which in turn will scale the website faster and make it one of the very top sites in the pet niche.


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Pet Keen is an example that proves that applying an aggressive long-tail content strategy can quickly snowball. In the right niche with enough content opportunities, going from zero to 4 300 000 monthly visitors in less than 2 years seems very doable.

This has been an interesting analysis and we hope that it inspires many of you.

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