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How to Promote a Special Affiliate Product with Free AI-Generated Video Tools, and Earn €6 300 Monthly Revenue

With affiliate marketing, you can earn €6 300 per month. In this article, we are showing you how to get paid to drive traffic to affiliate offers and how to get paid to promote your offers. You will not have to do any difficult work in order to implement the strategy we are demonstrating, and you will be able to do so without spending a lot of money. Dave Nick, an online entrepreneur devised the strategy outlined in this article.

It is important to promote the product using free traffic sources. According to Dave, 

"When you think about affiliate marketing and ask someone in the industry how you should promote your affiliate offers and make money with affiliate marketing, the majority of people will tell you to run Facebook ads, invest in Instagram ads, YouTube ads, or Google ads. I am categorically opposed to it because the cost of advertising on those platforms continues to rise year after year. It's not even profitable to promote offers with paid traffic, not to mention that platforms like Facebook will always ban your accounts and you'll have to create new ads over and over because they'll keep deleting them. They are not interested in affiliate offers."


  1. How to choose the right product to promote. 
  2. How to drive traffic to the product page.
  3. How to get paid for driving traffic to the product page. You are not paying for traffic, but rather being compensated for it.


You earn commissions on affiliate sales as well as money from the traffic source. This is known as "double payments." This strategy compensates you for a percentage of the traffic you direct to the website. Your visitors may not make a purchase before you begin earning. 

Dave's total revenue for driving traffic is shown above, and the revenue for the product is shown below (commission earned). This is why it is referred to as "two in one."

The Product

Remember that the goal is for the product you promote to generate two revenue streams for you. Because not every product on the market can achieve it, you must be cautious in your product selection. Product selection is an important factor in the success of your affiliate program; therefore, conduct extensive research before deciding what to promote.

Dave chose to promote software, which is a fantastic marketing niche. You may or may not choose to promote software, but the most important thing is that the product should pay you commissions even if the majority of the visitors you direct to the affiliate page do not buy the product. SendInBlue is one such service that Dave discovered.

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SendInBlue is an email marketing tool that is useful for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. You can register for this program on the PartnerStack affiliate network, or you can apply directly on its website.  Below is the affiliate program page.

Examine the area indicated by the red arrow. When a visitor signs up, you are awarded €5, which is the bonus for inviting the visitor to sign up. So, this is how you'll get €5 every day. Even if the visitors do not subscribe right away, you will still receive a €5 bonus for convincing them to sign up for free. It costs nothing for anyone to sign up, so your conversion rate is what you need to improve if you want to make a lot of money. Once you've mastered this, you'll be receiving €5 on a daily basis.

Furthermore, anyone who makes a purchase within 90 days will be added to your affiliate sales, and you will be paid €100. This is incredible. You could simply ignore the €100 subscription commission and focus on converting the majority of your traffic to sign up. It is possible to drive 1 000 visitors per day to your affiliate page, and converting just 3% of them will net you €150 per day, or €4 500 per month. This is absolutely incredible.

Promoting Your Affiliate Page
As stated earlier in this article, Dave does not believe in paid promotions for affiliate programs, so he seeks a method to attract a large number of people to the products he promotes. Here are Dave's words on how he went about it.

"I investigated various reasons why companies and brands should engage in email marketing. So I went to Google and read through various articles on Google search page one. For example, from an article, I learned that there are nine reasons why email marketing is so important. It is inexpensive, simple to use, easy to measure, can reach customers in real-time, can help you stay in touch with your audience, can help you grow your business, make more sales, and can help you expand your business much more quickly. These are the reasons I worked on to promote the product". 

Google Is Your Friend

Dave searched "Why Is Email Marketing Important" on Google.

One of the top articles — 9 reasons why email marketing is so important is what he decided to use. 

This is the article that he turned into a video to promote the product.

Using an AI tool to create the video.

To create your video, copy the article link and paste it into lumen5.com. Lumen5 is a free web-based artificial intelligence tool for converting your articles to videos, and you don't need a camera or an editing program to make your video. All you need is your article, and Lumen5 will convert it into a video for you.

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Sign up and choose a YouTube, Instagram, or another social network template to use. Dave's preferred platform is YouTube.

It Is Important to Work Smartly

You don't want to simply copy and paste the articles into lumen5 to avoid copyright infringement. As a result, you must edit the article. Make changes to the article and create a video from it.

Use paraphraser.io tool to produce a copyright-free article. Take each paragraph and post it to paraphrased.io. This is a great way to create your article from the one you found on Google without having to work too hard. Also, make changes to the lumen5-generated slides.

Voice-Over Is Essential

Use a microphone to record your voice-over. It's a good idea to invest in a good microphone; however, if you're just getting started, you can use your phone. When you're finished with your video, click "Publish"
Without the need for expensive equipment, your laptop can produce a very good video for promoting your chosen product.

Make More Money with CPA Marketing

You can also use a CPA marketing strategy to earn more money. You can simply increase the €5 reward to €6 or more with this addition. You will be able to turn it into a three-in-one money-making program. €5 for sign-up, €100 for subscription, and an additional CPA marketing revenue of €0.5 to €2. Wow! You should try a trial run and see how it goes. You can turn it off if you don't think it's working.

Finally, include your call to action.

Create Scarcity

Creating scarcity is a great way to get more people to join the program. Here's Dave's suggestion.

"Make a button on your affiliate page that says something like, If you want instant access to a free email marketing software, click the first link in the description box down below. After that, you can create scarcity by stating that it is only available to the first 25 people who watch the video".

Make a call to action that says something like, "Get instant access to SendInBlue" or "Create an account and start doing email marketing today."

Getting Views And Ranking High on YouTube

Make a thumbnail for each of your YouTube videos. You can use Canva, which is completely free. Choose a template, modify it to fit your needs, and create a YouTube channel for your videos. 

Improve the searchability of your videos by using the phrase "Best email marketing platform" as metadata for your videos. To get views in this niche, you don't need a large number of YouTube followers or subscribers. As a result, making faceless videos can effectively promote this type of product.


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If you follow the steps above and implement them perfectly, you should be able to get 1000 visitors per day. If you are having difficulty reaching 1 000 daily visitors on YouTube, we advise you to consider launching an additional social media campaign. If you want to make a good living, you should aim for at least 1 000 daily visitors. The next step is to achieve a conversion rate of 3%. Continue optimizing your affiliate sales page if you can't get 30 sign-ups from 1000 daily visitors. Then, find a very simple CPA program with a minimum reward of €1, and add it to the campaign. Your monthly revenue is summarised below.

Daily Traffic: 1 000
Conversion Rate: 3 percent 
Total Monthly Sign Ins:  900 
Total Monthly CPA: 900
Subscribers: 1 percent = 9
Monthly Sign Ins Revenue: €4 500 
Monthly CPA revenue: €900 (€1 per action completed)
Monthly Subscription: €900 
Total Estimated Monthly Revenue: €6 300 
Total Estimate Monthly Revenue in dollars: $6 924.

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