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Top 10 Countries With the Highest and Lowest Facebook CPM Rates in 2022

Facebook CPM price rates have altered through the previous years and most certainly increased. The prices differ from country to country and they do not mirror a country’s wealth, but the number of advertisers in those countries and their willingness to pay more. This is what Facebook says about how they calculate the average CPC and CPM rates.

In this article, we are sharing a list of the top 10 countries with the highest and those with the lowest CPM rates based on what Gaba and Guilherme have noted through their Facebook marketing Agency, ADM. At ADM, they have run multiple ad campaigns rounding up to over $10 000 000 in ad spend while exploring various offers and targets. Their team at ADM has over 400 ad accounts most of which promote e-commerce and affiliate offers.

We also discuss more on Facebook CPMs and show you 4 key steps to take in order to lower your campaign CPM to avoid overspending while acquiring the best relevant traffic for your website or online store.

So here are the top 10 countries with the highest CPM rates in 2022:

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  1. Australia — $19.57
  2. Denmark — $18.98
  3. Norway — $18.19
  4. United States — $17.26
  5. Singapore — $15.43
  6. Israel — $14.68
  7. New Zealand — $14.23
  8. United Kingdom — $12.40
  9. Canada — $11.86
  10. Sweden — $11.71

And here are the top 10 countries with the lowest CPM rates in 2022:

  1. Uzbekistan — $0.06
  2. Belarus — $0.09
  3. Kyrgyzstan — $0.16
  4. Tajikistan — $0.16
  5. Turkmenistan — $0.21
  6. Kazakhstan — $0.22
  7. Guinea-Bissau — $0.41
  8. India — $0.41
  9. Azerbaijan — $0.42
  10. Wallis and Futuna — $0.43

More on Facebook CPMs

Facebook in the early days would just charge you if you got a link click. They learned that to be counter-productive they need to charge for delivery in every case. However, that didn’t make any heavy difference in terms of general pricing but rather in delivery and impressions. Once the CPC ads started running, some didn't get link clicks and were charged per delivery, the same price range as the CPM option.

The link clicks were not cheaper, but the same price range as well on both.

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Using CPMs for Optimizations

It’s recommendable to use CPMs to optimize your campaign if only you don't have conversions yet. For us the priority goes as follows:

  1. ROAS
  2. Funnel progression (checkouts, add payment, etc)
  3. Landing page views costs
  4. Link clicks cost
  5. CPM

Gaba says, "I'd base a campaign on CPM only when there is no deeper funnel data. Also, I'd look at CPMs before starting, just to get a general feeling of how competitive each of the countries may be.

If I'm selling something digital, I'd pick countries with lower CPMs if they are potential buyers. However, if I'm looking to sell in competitive markets, I might want to research my competitors first, on an expensive CPM landscape."

How to Reduce your Facebook CPMs and Get More Relevant Traffic to Your Website or Online Store

  1. Check how Facebook splits the spend and where it spends the most on current live adsets with more than $100 spent — click on "View Charts" in the ads manager and then view "Amount Spent" by gender, age group, and platforms
  2. Once you find out the top spenders, break down your campaigns into gender-specific adsets (males vs women) and /or age groups (18-35, 25-45, 45+) and/ or platform-specific adsets (Facebook vs Instagram)
  3. Check CPMs and CTRs on the new adsets after setting an initial spending budget for testing — x3 Cost Per Acquisition per ad recommended unless results are very poor
  4. The lower CPMs and higher CTRs adsets are your winners that you should prioritize Moral of the story: don’t let Facebook allocate your budget where it wants if you have data that shows you what is more efficient

Note: Use your judgment on what happens post-click, since that experience might not be positively correlated with the performance of the adset and ad. But if you’re looking for a few things to try in case you are getting destroyed by CPMs this would be worth the time.

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