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Adwords Accounts Farming — How to Farm Adwords Accounts in 2022

To start with, let’s shed some light on the definitions. So, ‘farming’ means building the history of AdWords account from the registration to the first spent budgets. ‘Growing’ the account is a significant thing, while it provides people with trust and makes the process of moderation way too easier.

The core idea here is to use the AdWords account as a personal one. In this article, we are going to walk you through the whole process of farming the AdWords account.

Warming Up

There are several meaningful regulations that you need to follow before starting the actual farming. Here are they:

  1. Create a new profile in the web browser. Ensure that Google tracker does not recognize your device data and believes that the created accounts are not linked. You can use anti-detect browsers to change the prints and parameters of the browser. This will make it impossible to identify the user and you won't be able to grab the ban.
  2. Set up Ipv4 proxy.
  3. Create a new mail account (don't register mainstream email services like Gmail or Yandex.mail. It is better to use icloud.com, outlook.com, or something like that).
  4. Collect cookies and cash: surf on the Internet, log in different websites with your new email account, etc.
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Actual Farming

After completing the steps above, you are ready to register your main Gmail account.

Remember: you should tape all the data manually, otherwise it will be suspicious.

You need to indicate your other email account (which we were talking about earlier) as a backup account.

The new account has to pass the rite of passage exactly like the previous one — with the history of surfing, logging in, and uploading.

After this, the AdWords website can finally come into play. Your account should be registered here. Little notice one more time: all the data should be typed manually by yourself.

40% of AdWord accounts will be banned during the farming process.

Now let’s turn to farming itself:

  • Create the ad with ‘white’ and clear domain and offer.
  • The offer doesn’t need to be far from the target offer.
  • Focus on all the AdWords rules and remember that the new account will be checked by a moderator.
  • Your initial budget should not be big.
  • Launch the Ad and run it for approximately one week.
  • During the run of a ‘white’ offer, you need to gradually increase your budget every day.
  • After 7-10 days you can start adding some keywords for your target offer.
  • Constantly monitoring the moderator’s reaction, you can start adding target offers and filling up the AdWords balance to run them.
  • Send your Ads to auto-moderation.
  • DON’T be too fast in order not to be suspicious. Modify your offer step by step, exchanging word by word.
  • DON’T charge your domain during the process.
  • Be prudent and create simultaneously 4-5 working accounts and farm 2-3 new accounts.


Basically, those are the farming rules. Farming takes time and patience, besides you should follow the instructions not to get banned. The new account should be trustable, so you have to use proxies and anti detect browsers. We wish you profit and good farming.

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