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From $2 300 to $36 000 per Month by Filming Cleaning Videos on Youtube

To make money, you don't always have to find profitable schemes and topics. Sometimes, finding a narrow niche and becoming an expert can lead to success. In this article, we are showcasing to you a successful YouTube channel, "Aurikatariina," which features videos of the owner cleaning various types of trash for free.

The channel has monetized its content and is part of the "clean with me" trend on YouTube, where people watch others clean or clean themselves. Cleaning-related products may be the target audience for this type of content. The owner believes that this is a good way to make money.

A quick look at the channel header reveals that the channel has 2.05 million subscribers and links to the owner's Instagram and TikTok profiles. To learn more about the owner and the channel, we navigate to the "About the Channel" tab.

A further examination of the channel shows that there is no description or tags and only two social media links, TikTok and Instagram, are provided as contact options. The channel was created around September 2020 and has accumulated 204.6 million views.

To gather 2.05 million subscribers, a significant amount of time and resources are usually required, but this may not necessarily be the case. To determine the publication date of the first video, I navigate to the "Videos" section and sort the videos by the most popular first.

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The first videos on the channel were published a little over a year ago, yet the owner managed to attract 2.05 million subscribers in that time. It is impressive, but it could be possible if the media had covered a news story about her. However, the content on the channel is aimed at an English-speaking audience globally, yet the owner lives in Finland where Finnish and Swedish are the official languages and English is not widely spoken.

Despite this, the videos on the channel continue to attract views and subscribers, leaving it as a mystery. However, it would be interesting to take a closer look at the videos that are driving growth on the channel.

The most popular video on the channel was posted 11 months ago and has received 16 million views. It features the cleaning of a house that hadn't been cleaned in 6 years. The following video has 11 million views, and so on. It is interesting to examine the latest video on the channel and see the links and strategies the owner uses in the video description.

In the video description, there is a brief text outlining the content of the video, along with links to the owner's online store selling household cleaning products. The links are well-targeted, directing to the specific products used in the video. There is also a list of related products with links to the store and timecodes for convenient viewing. This shows that the owner has carefully planned out the monetization of their content. No links to offers or third-party products were observed in the description, indicating that the owner is likely monetizing through the YouTube Affiliate Program.

To determine the estimated earnings from the YouTube channel, the SocialBlade analytics service can be used. The channel identifier is entered into the service to access all relevant statistics.

The channel was established in the fall of 2020 and since then, the owner has published 74 videos that have amassed 152.5 million views and attracted 2.05 million subscribers. These statistics are remarkable, but it's possible that the channel's focus has shifted or that some older videos were deleted.

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 Monthly earnings are estimated to range from $5 00 to $79 500, with a yearly earning potential of $59 600 to $954 200. It may also be worthwhile to examine the owner's social media accounts linked in the channel header, as they may reveal additional monetization strategies.

Social Networks of the Owner of the Channel

As previously mentioned, the owner of the channel has links to their Instagram and TikTok profiles in the channel header. Upon visiting the Instagram profile, we can see that it has a large following of 2.6 million subscribers and has been verified, which likely means the owner has significant advertisers.

There is also a link in the profile header which leads to a page with all the links the owner has registered. This will be discussed later.

The TikTok account also has a substantial following, more significant than the one on Instagram, indicating the audience's loyalty to this type of content. People enjoy watching others clean their homes. However, the TikTok profile header link is the same as the one on Instagram. It is time to follow the link and see what is there.

The owner has included several links in the video description. These links include:

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  • Merchandise store where the owner sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies with an average cost of 36 euros.
  • Personal website for information about the owner for advertisers and media.
  • A personal online store that sells eco-friendly household chemicals.
  • Partner stores on Amazon for the US and Germany.
  • Two online stores for eco-friendly household chemicals in the UK and Germany.
  • Links to top videos on YouTube.

The owner has an extensive range of goods in their online stores, indicating a potentially higher income than just from YouTube monetization. This requires a team to manage and bring in more profit.

Even a seemingly narrow niche can bring substantial profits with the right approach and teamwork. It's estimated that the team earns several hundred euros per month or more.

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