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How I Generated $1 000 000 In Only 45 Days

Today we are sharing a case study from Liran Ravid, an online marketer and e-commerce entrepreneur who was able to generate $1 000 000 in revenue in just 45 days after launching a new e-commerce store.

In this article, he shares his Facebook ads strategy and the content system that he used to promote his e-commerce store which enabled him to hit $1 000 000 in a period of just 45 days.

Getting Started

Liran set up a Shopify website with a product page and a premium paid theme. From day 1 he invested in professional content to scale on Facebook ads. He also ordered inventory from day 1 since he was confident that the product he had could scale to millions of dollars.

Professional Content Production

Liran had some professional studio content produced from Miami, Tel Aviv, Colorado, and more locations. He invested in paying up to 20 models per studio shoot to match the customer avatar perfectly. He also utilized 3D renders, lifestyle, and testimonial angles frequently.

Ad Testing Process

Liran set every ad set to start on a $20 per day budget and is tested with an ABO campaign testing system. This was to basically force Facebook to spend the money equally across all ad creatives.

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"I call this the "fair test" since each creative is getting = spend.", Liran says.

Facebook Ad Account Campaign Structure

For the campaign structure, Liram set up 1 RM campaign, 1 ad testing campaign, and 1 lookalike campaign. Every winning ad gets duplicated automatically into the cold ad testing campaign.

AI FB ads Automation

Liran uses software called Madgicx for automation. The tool connects to Facebook ads with a built-in AI audience launcher to launch lookalikes. He then tends to slowly increase them from 1% all the way to 20%.

FB Ad-Team Structure

When asked about how he structures his Facebook ads team, Liran had to say the following:

"I create a competition with all my media buyers and raise capital from some to ensure their commitment. Each campaign has a letter or a name in the naming conventions to keep track of who launched it."

Manual Bidding

Liran says that he always begins finding success with his manual bidding strategies after getting ad sets with over 20 sales per day. Whenever something starts working consistently, he quickly moves it to manual bidding.

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Facebook usually accelerates the ad spend during peak hours and all Liran does is to closely monitor the ad spend and scale while controlling the spend. He could spend up to $7 000 per day on manual bidding by doing this.

However, after sleepless nights, he decided to let it run on autopilot with no monitoring (chad scale). At this point, he was averaging 3+ ROAS while having no maintenance work besides posting ads.

Constant Content Rotation System ♻️

Liran had his team do weekly video shoots. Recreating winning ads with improved angle data after understanding their customer avatar. They were reusing the winning 3 seconds and chopping up clips that were proven for retention.

The End Game

At the end of January 2022, Liram’s e-commerce store had reached a total of $1 012 000 in sales through this exact Facebook ads strategy.

"I sleep well at night knowing I have shown my ads to over 100 million people worldwide and expanded on my wholesale efforts with this brand. I made a few million dollars on this store throughout the months and wanted to sell it." Liran says.

After a few months, a substantial offer came in and Liran could resist selling the e-commerce store. Here is what he had to say about that.

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"I am a firm believer in taking the cash once a fair offer is presented to me. I struck a deal to continue running the advertisements with my team while accepting the offer for the store. It worked out perfectly, it was a great decision."

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